How To Overclock GTX 1060

Overclock for my 1066 gigabyte version. Overclock will only work for the 60-gigabyte version, so if you have a 1066 cube by arrangement, you’re going to want to use these settings as well.

 I can’t. I’ve managed to push the system a little more than this and my graphics card a little more business. I don’t want to do it because I’ve realized and come to the realization that it caused a lot of instability and that caused a lot of fun to crash. Some don’t crash in different things.

Procedure to overclock the GTX 1060

I mentioned some important points to overclock the GTX 1060 for a better system.

Essential instructions for entirely stable the system

So these are the completely regular settings that I’ve caused me no issues for the past few days.

I have run tests on and on, so let’s go in jump straight into this um in a and MSI Afterburner you want to set the power limit 216 you’re going to develop.

 The template to 92 doesn’t worry your temp your graphics card is not going to hit 92 degrees, okay alright, it’s not going to and then you want to go right here to core clock.

 You want to set that to plus 150. I’ve discovered that if I get above 150. So first, I said it causes the instability and gain the cause and crash, and then next, we want my core clock to be plus 500, so I’m running with my graphics card right now.

Set Up Of Core Clock for Good Fan Speed

My core clock or memory is at 2113, so 2113 is all right in total and then for your fan speed. You’re going to want to set your fan speed to a custom fan speed that is not too loud for you but makes your system cool.

 I have  50% fan speed, and I find that there is no fan noise whatsoever, and it keeps my system in the 60s and 70s like my graphics card in the 60s and 70s of temperatures as opposed to hitting like 80s.

Stuff like that is okay, so overall, once you have all this done, you go ahead and hit the

Save button, and then you want to click on 1 through 5 profilers here go ahead.

Setting Of Profile Which You Want for Overclocking

Click on whichever profile you want, so then next time when you start up an MSI afterburner.

 You can click on profile number 1, say if you saved it set and then hit apply and it applies it does not check to apply overclocking at the system.

Startup this is because there have been updates and stuff for programs that have caused conflicting issues with overclocking on graphics cards, which causes computers the blue screen.

 I leave that off, and every time you start up your computer, just manually startup MSI Afterburner click on the profile and go.

It applies, so now that I’m done talking about that and showing you guys overall how to use the overclock, let me show you some benchmarks on some gains.

Overall, we got the FPS increase, so let’s go ahead and jump straight into the benchmark screenshots, guys. Let’s get straight into it.

First of all, we have Haven with a non-overclock, then just stock standard okay that you can buy we have no overclock.

We get an average FPS of 61, a maximum of 126 and a score of 1543 with the overclock.

For Better, Overclocking Apply the Good Memory for Running

With the overclock that I instruct you guys how to apply, we have a total FPS of 68, a maximum of 138 and a score of 17 23 1725. Sorry, now keep mind memory for the 1060 s running at 20 2113 currently with the overclock when I apply the overclock to everything okay.

So going on the next thing, I ran bio shock infinite at Ultra on the dx11one, so the dx11 Ultra 1080p highest settings that I can okay at the top locations that I can and non-overclocked.

We have an average FPS of 135 and a maximum of 72 hundred seventy-two and then overclocked with the settings.

So I showed you guys we have an average FPS of 145 and a maximum FPS of 569, so that’s pretty ridiculous pretty awesome, okay going on to the next thing.

We have always had the Desolation of Mordor from Middle Earth. Everything under the options was set to the highest quality settings, except motion blur was wholly disabled and turned off.

Because I don’t like motion blur, that’s just personally me, so the non-overclocked from middle or shadow of Mordor at Ultra settings 1080p we have an average FPS of 96 and a maximum of 140 the overclocked benchmark for mid or shadow of Mordor.

We have an average FPS of 105 and a maximum of 155, so overall, that was a pretty good overclock right there.

Setup Of Metro For Overclocked

We managed to get in the middle or shadow of Mordor. So let’s go ahead and move on to the next thing, which is Metro.

So I ran the metros test three times okay three times not overclocked and three times overclocked to all of these tests, by the way, except for Metro every single one of these tests, even for Haven.

You know, and everything else was all ran three times okay all right all of them.

Were ran three times alright, and Metro’s ran well.

I ran shadow of Mordor about four times but thousand total, so we have a shadow of Mordor four and everything else three.

It ran three, so for Metro, we have non overclocked we have an average FPS of 74 and a maximum of 256. So with the overclock that I showed you guys, we have an average FPS of 92 and a maximum of 282.

That is worth it, so you guys go overall; I hope my benchmark helps you guys.

 I hope you know my benchmark numbers, and my overclocking helps you guys with your 1060s and get you a little more performance out of them.

Some of these are pretty, man. The whole Haven thing only gave me like seven more but in total wise for .

I would give or say about a 10 FPS increase for most , actually pretty much all the except for the shadow of Mordor.


When overclocking, the most common cause of GPU mortality is when the power delivery components fail due to a lack of cooling while feeding high voltages. The most common cause is probably using too high a voltage, which can likely cause instant and irreversible damage to the GPU core. Therefore, we increased the boost frequency of the GTX 1060 GPU by 200MHz (12%), bringing it to 1909MHz.

It is unsurprisingly identical to the GTX 1080 and 1070, which were both overclocked by roughly 200MHz. A overclock GTX 1060 performs admirably in Black Ops Cold War. While it can quickly run at 1080p, we know it is best suited at 1440p resolutions, and with little settings tweaking, it may go up to 4K. 1060 is already a 90fps GPU in general. So, unless you’re running at 1440p, overclocking is meaningless.

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