What is google gravity and google underwater?

Google Gravity and Google Underwater are the subjects of this fascinating film. These Google tidbits will delight you.
Google Gravity mr Doob and Google Gravity elgoog, as well as Google Gravity elgoog and Google underwater elgoog, are two variations of Google gravity (gravity Google) and Google underwater (underwater Google).
I am confident that you will like these well-known Google tactics.

You can play these Google tricks for free online.

As the name implies, the search terms in Google Gravity appear to fall downwards due to gravitational pull, whilst the search terms in Google Underwater appear underwater. So, let’s have some fun with these Google tactics that are available online and for free.

Because Google understands that there are moments when you need to get down to business, it will not perform its pranks on a regular basis. That is why you must seek them out. The good news is that Google makes it easy to find entertaining Google pranks like Google Easter Eggs and Google Gravity. So, if you need to unwind after a long day at work, I’m confident that these Google Gravity pranks will make you chuckle.

What is Google gravity?

Google Gravity is a 2009 Google gimmick that you can notice in the search engine. It’s written in javascript, and you can see it by visiting some third-party websites or searching directly on Google. You’ll need a browser that doesn’t have Google Instant Results enabled, which you can do in a few simple steps.

Sign in to your browser and type google.com/preferences into the URL box. Select Never Show Instant Results from the Google Instant Prediction menu, which should be at the top. If you neglect to save your modifications at the bottom, the trick will not work.

Now, in the address bar, put google.com as you normally would. Select I’m Feeling Lucky from Google Gravity. Wait a few seconds and you’ll see how the search engine crashes. If you want to make things even more complicated, click on any element and release the mouse button to throw it across the screen. You are free to toss them around as much as you want.

Wait about a minute for things to return to normal if you need to search for something. If you’re in a rush, you may also open another tab and begin searching from there.

Google Gravity Sphere?

I could leave out Google Gravity Sphere while we’re on the subject of Google Gravity. There is a sphere involved, as the name implies, which is produced by web content. All of these pieces will rotate in a spherical pattern, attempting to wow you.

This Google trick will offer you a 3D web experience, and it’s a fun trick to demonstrate to the kids. If you needed to look for something, you wouldn’t be able to do it with these tactics since they won’t allow it. Who cares, it’ll still be entertaining to look at.

By sliding the mouse cursor across the sphere, you can control the direction in which it spins. Think about opposites to figure out how to pin it in the desired direction. Swipe right to the left if you want to spin it to the right. Swipe left to right if you want to spin it to the left.

Place the mouse cursor in the centre of the sphere to stop it. By dragging the pointer in certain directions, you may even move it up and down. The sphere will not rotate up or down, but will move in those directions somewhat.

Aside from the aforementioned, Google Sphere is limited to just that. Although you won’t be able to do anything with it, don’t stare at it for too long or you’ll become dizzy. Allow me to caution you.

Google Anti-gravity?

You can picture what Google Anti-Gravity does if the Google search engine falls with Google Gravity, right? If you’ve ever enjoyed watching people and items in space float around, you’ll enjoy Google Anti-Gravity because everything will float around here as well.

When you initially come, everything will be in its proper place, but they will gradually begin to drift around. Nothing you do will be able to stop them from flying away. The only thing you can do is have fun and fling the object about so that it floats around as if it were in space instead of falling.


This was only a small sample of everything Google has to offer. There are plenty of other amusing tricks that Google can pull off; you just have to know where to search. They may not be readily apparent, but the good news is that they are straightforward to locate and are not beyond the scope of a simple Google search.

True, some Google pranks are better than others, but deciding whether a prank is good or poor is a totally personal decision. If you like it, terrific; if not, I’m sure you’ll be able to discover another Google prank that will make you grin or chuckle. Which of the aforementioned Google Gravity pranks is your favourite?

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