What is the reason for using pillow packaging and in what way it is helpful?

The pillow packaging is ideal for small products or items. Similar to other packaging, personalized pillow boxes made from cardboard. The box gets sealed when the tabs interlock. So in this way, the product inside the box remains safe. The brands generally sell insignificant items in these pillow boxes. Although, it does not hold the capacity to hold heavy and large items. However, in packaging industry, pillow packaging is not new. Since old time brands use pillow boxes to pack soaps. They have an innovative nature, so it became popular in a short period. The customization of these boxes is relatively a new concept for the brands as well for the customers. To add value to small products packaging, custom pillow boxes is great way. These boxes immediately grab the attention of the shoppers and hence look beautiful on the retail store’s shelves.

In addition, in promotion, the key ingredient is the product’s packaging. No matter how much the brands advertise its product in social media or hoardings. It will only lead them into first purchase. For a second purchase, the product quality and packaging matters a lot. The packaging becomes a trademark of the brand and without giving a second thought; the customers picked their product. Further, the pillow packaging is quite helpful and convenient in packaging of daily items such as soaps, jewelry, bakery items, and other lightweight items. In this article we shall discuss the items which become more useful when packed in right packaging. Also, how pillow packaging makes the product beautiful.

Bakery Items need small size packaging

The bakery items such as cookies, sugar sticks, patties, candies, biscuits, nimkos require small boxes of pillow. Which take little space and looks stylish. In addition dried nuts, cereals also need small packaging. To make the packaging more convenient, the bakers can add handles to the personalized pillow boxes. Which makes the pillow box to look nicer and the customers can hold with handles if the food is hot. The food industry relatively uses pillow boxes in bulk amount. It is because many purchasers buy bakery items to gift. These pillow boxes have an elegant look from outside and keep the bakery item fresh from inside. Small treats such as chocolates, candies, sweets also gifted in pillow boxes.

Similarly, in these boxes you can send invite too. By making personalized pillow boxes in soft or bold colors, you may add chocolates and invitation card. It will look elegant and unique. However, the couple can also print their name on pillow boxes to make it more attractive. There is no need for additional card if you are giving pillow box invitation. All the necessary information can print on the box. The box further needs on embellishments to make it visible.

Accessories and miscellaneous products require small boxes

In our daily life we often come across with minor items product. Which looks difficult to pack. Like a charger of mobile, earphones, hairpins, clips, color pencils, tea sachets, and much more. Now it has become convenient to pack these essential into pillow boxes. You can customize these boxes by writing the name of the items pack in. Or you can print the name of the items in the box. Miscellaneous products require small boxes which hold the product. However, these minor items, if not put into right place, then they may get lost. And when we need them, we do not remember where we have placed them at last time. Also, you can gift these boxes by adding handmade jewelry to them. Which also looks elegant by adding card note on the top of the box. Or write the message or greeting on the box.

The appearance of pillow box is in the traditional shape of a pillow. Which does not let the product to lose its originality when if mishandled. The manufacturers made these boxes from cardboard. However, the brands or customers can customized with printed pillow boxes. The box is packed from both the end letting the middle part to raise like a pillow. It provides cushion to delicate items and not letting them to break. You may think that these benefits can never get at low cost. But believe me, these pillow boxes cost little. These look luxurious but have cardboard material which is cost effective and can customize in various designs and prints. Thus the packaging and the design of box have great impact on the product inside it. If the packaging is not up to the mark, then the product can suffer from damage. Even if the product packed inside the box is of high quality, but if it is packed well. It will give an extravagant look to the viewer.

What are the demands of manufactures regarding packaging?

No doubt the packaging helps the brand to promote its product is a beautiful way. The manufactures need personalized pillow boxes which add value to small size items. The ultimate goal of a company is to increase its sales by selling its product as much as possible. Some product needs simple cardboard packaging while other needs printed and colorful designs on the boxes. The demand for pillow boxes will never end as long as the minor items are manufactured in the market. However, the manufactures style these boxes with embossing and debossing the name of brands. The neat and finished look of packaging entices the customers to purchase the product even more. The brands invest similar time in small packaging as they invest in large size packaging.


Thus, the reason for using personalized pillow boxes is to protect petty items. Also, the packaging adds value to the product’s life. Brand who show concern on insignificant items packaging will grow in the future. The jewelry and bakery items do not require large packaging. They need custom cardboard packaging which provides cushion to the product from the external environment. However, the brands can also insert information or designs on the pillow boxes.

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