Why parental control app is useful nowadays?

Parental control apps have become necessary over recent years. Digital vulnerabilities are on the rise for kids who got cell phones and tablet devices connected to cyberspace.  Therefore, parents want to protect the digital well-being of kids no time ever before.    Parental control nowadays has become essential for keeping kids safe.

It is tough to get your hands on the best phone mobile parental control app. You may encounter scams, fake, and fraudulent parental spy solutions, and you have to take care of few things before you get your hands on the best one in the business.

What is parental control software & how it is useful?

It is an application that works on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices, but for each device, a subscription is separate in accidence with the operating system of the device. It is an application that you can install on the target device, and it will start providing you the complete insight into the target device.

The application has many features that you can use to spy on a cellphone provided to your children. It secretly monitors GPS location, read messages, record phone calls, and monitor social messaging apps. Users can track and monitor cellphone devices and discover every activity in real-time. Live screen recorder and capturing screenshots you can watch the live screen on the target device.

The application is easy to install and takes few minutes to complete its configurations process. You can use its online dashboard and activate the features using the sync settings buttons. Suppose you want to set parental control on cellphones, then you have to use parental monitoring software.

Top powerful features of cell phone parental control software

Here are the features of parental control software that you can install on your target phone and use to get data via an online dashboard.

Live screen recording

Users can access cell phone devices using screen recorder software. It empowers you to record series of short videos of the target phone screen, and send them to the web control panel. You can watch the videos accessing the dashboard.


You can watch what your kids are doing on the cell phone screen to read messages, chats, messaging apps, social networks, emails, passwords, and many more activities. Users can schedule plenty of screenshots and send the data to the dashboard.

Keystrokes logging

Users can use the keystrokes logging app that empowers, you to record and capture screenshots. You can capture passwords, messengers, messages, and email keystrokes. Users can access all the applied keystrokes and send the data to the dashboard.

Social media spying

Social media spying is the best tool that enables users to monitor the logs of social networks, and messaging apps. You can read messages, chats, voice calls, media files, and many more things.

Call recording

You can record live incoming and outgoing calls using the call recording app. It enables users to record and listen to the voice chats on the target phone.

Browsing history

Cell phone parental control software is the best tool that empowers you to monitor cell phone browsers. Users can watch visited websites URLs, and bookmarking sites.

VoIP Call recording

VoIP call recorder is a kind of tool that works on non-rooted cellphones, and you can record and listen to one-sided voice calls. You can record the voice calls of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more.

Password cracker

End users can capture passwords of cell phone lock screens remotely after the installation process. You can crack pattern and digit passwords.

How parental control software works?

Users can set parental control on any cell phone device. Do you know? How to use cell phone parental tracking software? End users can follow the given steps to get the job done.

Step1:  You can go through the web page and visit the TheOneSpy webpage, and subscribe to phone parental control software. You can get the subscription, and use your email to receive your password and ID.

Step2: You have to get physical access to the target device, and get started with the process of installation, and complete the configuration process on the target device.

Step3: You can use the password and ID and access the web control panel where you can activate the features and get results via an online dashboard.


TheOneSpy parental control application is the best tool that empowers parents to know what their kids are doing on cellphones connected to cyberspace. It protects the digital well-being of the children and prevents them from online predators.

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