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Vidmate 2012 is a great app for watching videos on your phone, but sometimes it just doesn’t want to work. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to watch something important like the newest episode of Game of Thrones. But what’s really going on? Is Vidmate down? Should I use another service instead? Find out why Vidmate might not be working and how you can fix it!

What Is A Vidmate 2012 app?

A Vidmate 2012 app is an Android application that allows you to download movies and videos from the Internet. It uses YouTube video links directly to your device, saving them on your phone or tablet for easy access whenever you want it.

The main reason why people are having this problem with their new tablets or phones can be traced back to the fact that Vidmate 2012 is not compatible with this operating system.

Why VidMate Not Working on Android?

Vidmate will not work as it uses a different version of code from what android devices use, making them incompatible at times. It is important to know if your device supports an older app before you download it and install it onto your phone or tablet. You should also make sure there isn’t a newer updated version available first before downloading any application because some developers remove apps due to coding issues rather than update them for compatibility purposes.

Why we need vidmate?

Vidmate is a well known app among the android users. This application allows you to watch movies and videos for free on your device. Vidmate 2012 let’s you download unlimited number of videos from Internet to your phone memory or SD card without paying anything, but sometimes this vidmate app stops working due to some reasons that we will discuss in detail today.

Vidmate not Working: Why it has stopped? There are many different factors that can cause problems with VidMate like outdated version, no internet connection etc.. So if any of these issues occur then sometimes there might be problem while opening video via vidmate 2018 . One such issue comes when newer versions clash between older ones which causes the lagging issue.

Is vidmate free?

Yes, Vidmate is one of the best video downloader. You can use this android application to watch movies, videos while traveling or when offline.

This app supports almost all the formats like mp43, mp41 etc.,

You have to pay a nominal fee only if you want to remove ads from your downloaded videos . But there are other limitations too! For example : If you don’t have premium account then after watching 50 downloads ,you will not be able to continue downloading more files until next 48 hours! Also in case if someone else logs into your device using their own google mail id and start downloading videos with vidmate ,then they will get free access.

Vidmate is not working what to do?

Troubleshoot or download again your app.

Vidmate is one among popular mobile video downloader app known for its fast downloading speed and high quality videos, but sometimes users might see that Vidmate isn’t working properly on their devices then they start searching for best solution to fix it up.

In this article we are going to discuss some tips which can help you out in fixing all such issues with your device easily without making any changes in your system settings while keeping things simple at same time! So here’s a list of easy troubleshooting steps by following which you will be able to solve all types of problems related to vidmate application.

Vidmate features:

Play videos of all formats.

Download HD video for free with Vidmate application.

Vidmate is not working because the developer has removed it from Google play store and Apple app store, many users are facing this problem that’s why I am writing on my blog about how to download vidmate old version on new mobiles without using any emulator or modded apps.

You just need android phone which have minimum Android Version Jelly Bean (Android V) if your phone doesn’t support then forget about downloading latest version of Vidmate on your device but there is way…I will tell you later read full article please don’t skip step. If you are looking for solution so first check VidMate Not Working.


Vidmate is not working because you are using the app on an unsupported device. You can use your phone or tablet to download videos, but if you want to watch them in HD quality and without ads, then only a PC will do. The desktop software for this app has many features that make it worth downloading! If you’re looking for an alternative solution to help with video downloads, try out these apps instead of Vidmate.

We hope that you found this article helpful and we wish you the best of luck with managing your Vidmate issues. If not, please feel free to leave a comment below so our team can investigate for any potential problems or solutions.

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