Why you should visit Goechala

As you set out for trekking towards the summit from where you can locate fourteen great mountain ranges where every nook and corner narrates about the; The historical Nepalese Civil War of 1996 to 2006, that took place amidst these mountain roads once.

 Apart from Kanchenjunga, you can locate other great mountain ranges from the Goechala trek. Goechala is extremely famous for being one of the most important and popular trekking zones as a trekker can bless his lifetime with the views of the fourteen great ranges or summits of the Himalayan Mountains from a particular spot. This trekking spot is nearest to Nepal, especially it falls near the India and Nepal border.

 It is one of the famous trekking spots for many trekkers and the trail at Goechala was not a famous one but after the Nepalese Civil War from 1996 to 2006, it became a popular trekking and tourist spot that narrates the incidents of the war. But during that time most of the trekkers were facing trouble as Nepal had shut down the routes then and the trekkers were in the quest for some other alternatives. Before, it provided its visitors with the scenic beauty of the third-highest mountain peak; the Kanchenjunga, on their trekking journey at Goechala Trek, which can still be viewed from the Goechala Trekking spot now. 

The Goechala Trek is located at a height of 16207 feet and it is settled at Sikkim. Goechala has abundant energy of nature’s vibrancy and it is a heaven for adventurers, nature-lovers and photographers as well. Consists of a large collection of scenic beauty surrounding the Goechala Trek it becomes one of the most loved and frequented trekking zones for many trekkers. 

As you trek further the still lake; Samiti will provide you with a panoramic view of Pandim peak from there and will also enchant you with the mesmerizing Thangshing on the way. But the Samiti Lake also bursts in its full glory as the sky above and the Pandim peak casts their reflection on the crystal waters of the lake. Goechala trek will also offer its visitors the magnificent sunrise over the horizons above Kanchenjunga Peak that casts a bright, golden hue over the top of the Kanchenjunga ranges; though you will be barred from crossing over the Goechala Pass you can be a part of the naturalistic beauty of the scene from Dzongri and ViewPoint 

1. The beauty of the place blooms with all its might. But you can see the Southeast side of the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga which is properly visible from Goechala Pass but you won’t be permitted to cross the boundaries. There you will be enchanted by the mountain trail that links to the Goechala Trekking spot and it will take you on a journey towards the Kanchenjunga National Park where the harmonious relationship between flora and fauna can be observed by the visitors. The dense forests and the different species of animals and birds and plants will dazzle you with a new way towards adventuring in the wild surrounded by great mountain peaks. But this trekking spot might be an interesting one but it is not at all an easy one. 

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If you are thinking about visiting the Goechala Trek because of the rhododendrons then it is always advisable to visit from April to May, that is, during the springtime. This is the time when the rhododendron forests welcome their visitors with arms wide open to adventure the beauty of the enticing forests. The red and pink blossoms give a whole new ornamented outlook to the dense mountain forests of Goechala Trek. 

You will be crossing three suspension bridges at Goechala Trek: the Pha Khola, the Tshushay and the Mentogang Khola bridges and below these bridges the river Prekchu flows with all its glory. You will be paying your homage at a monastery at Tsokha and you will be startled by the dense woods of Phedang. 

Goechala Trek Itinerary:

Day 1 : You will be travelling from Bagdogra towards Yuksom

Day 2 : You will start your trek from Yuksom towards Sachen

Day 3 : You will be trekking from Sachen towards Tsokha

Day 4 : From Tsokha begin your trek at Dzongri via Phedang

Day 5 : As you reach Dzongri you will be trekking at Dzongri Top and then return at Dzongri and       

            trek towards Thansing via Kokchurang 

Day 6 : Commence your trek from Thansing to Lamuney

Day 7 : You will be trekking from Lamuney to Goechala and then trek back to Kokchurang

Day 8 : You will be trekking back from Kokchurang to Tsokha via Phedang

Day 9 : You will be trekking from Tshoka to Yuksom via Bakhim and Sachen

Day 10 : As you reach Yuksom you will be dispersing from here marking the end of your

             trekking journey at Goechala trek

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