If you ask someone about the hottest place in the world, they will definitely say Dubai. With an average temperature exceeding 40˚C during the day in the summer months, you need an advanced water cooler and air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable environment in your home and while you travel in Dubai.

However, the question is how?

The air conditioners and water dispensers for UAE are designed specially by consuming cutting-edge technology to keep them running smoothly in such hot weather.

While newer developments have a central air conditioning system, older buildings and complexes still rely on window AC units and split. So, how you can choose the right AC and water coolers in Dubai?

Whether you want to replace the old air conditioning system or install a brand new water cooler, here’s what you need to know for guidance.


How To Pick The Right Ac For Your Home In Dubai?

Living in a beautiful deserted city like Dubai undoubtedly has a lot of benefits. You have ample options to explore in the form of job opportunities, schools, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, restaurants, or entertainment venues.

However, given its geographical position in the heart of the Arabian desert, the high humidity and rising temperatures can be a bit challenging. Thankfully, the modern UAE is equipped with high-tech air cooling systems and split units. From parks to malls, apartments to transport, you will find everything air-conditioned to compensate for the extreme weather conditions.

Before hitting the stores or browsing your favorite HVAC system websites, ask the landlord of your apartment what kind of units are accepted in the building complex to avoid potential problems post-purchase.


Things To Consider When Buying An Air Cooling System

As a consumer, you will find multiple AC brands and models in Dubai. However, it is best to research and recognize your needs before making the final deal with the AC supplier in UAE.

You can find various units with different specifications and functions. Here is how to select the right air cooling system for your apartment.

1.    Pick The Correct Size

Air conditioning systems are measured in tons, representing their cooling ability, not weight. Depending on the size of your studio apartment, you can get a 1-ton to 5-ton AC. Getting a bigger unit means you have to spend more bucks to buy the unit and pay hefty electricity bills.

Remember that choosing correct size will ensure that the temperature in your room is brought down slowly without adding unwanted expense. Getting the right AC size also assurances optimum performance. If you buy a gigantic AC for your apartment, the compressor will turn on and off repeatedly – leading to an increased bill and the need for repeated maintenance.

Typically, as a general rule, a 1-ton AC unit is perfect for space that measures up to 46.5 sq. or 500 sq. Similarly, for a house covering a range of 93 sq. meters, a 2-ton AC might be sufficient for it.

So, when considering how to select the right air cooling system for your apartment, the first question is about the size of the place.


2.    Find The Right BTU

British Thermal Unit or BTU is another term you have to get familiar with when choosing an AC for your apartment. Ideally, you should choose a unit with 90 to 100 BTU per sq. ft. for ideal cooling.

The higher the BTU value is, the quicker your room will cool down. However, international standards recommend 30 BTU per sq. ft. because such units are ineffective when the temperatures exceed 37˚C.


3.    Tropicalized AC

In Dubai, temperature and humidity are generally high, so many homeowners opt for tropicalized units when purchasing an air conditioning system. Thus, always go for brands that offer tropicalized ACs. These AC units are designed to beat the Middle East region’s heat. Moreover, check their functional features like filtration and thermostat properly.

The air conditioning systems you choose should be certified to operate even when temperatures exceed 50˚C to maintain ideal cooling throughout the air.


4.    After-Sales Support

It’s a good idea to gauge the value you get for the money you spend. Ask around to see what people are purchasing, and make sure to look at reviews online. Excellent after-sales support is significant, considering ACs do need regular maintenance.

You can also join authentic Facebook groups and other online forums to decide which businesses offer the best after-sales support. While you ask how to select the right air conditioner in Dubai, it is also vital to ask which company provides the best after-sale support.


How To Pick The Right Water Cooler In Dubai?

A few decades back, finding water in Dubai used to be a challenging task, especially if you get stuck somewhere in the desert. But, thanks to advanced technology and development UAE has entered into the world of the future.

Today, Dubai has water dispensers everywhere; in homes, cars, on the street, etc. having a water cooler in Dubai is handy since it gives you access to clean, hot, cold, and room temperature drinking water. As you explore the options in water coolers in Dubai, you will likely discover different types and sizes available in the market that helps you quickly find the right size for your need.

For example, you can take a bigger or moderate water cooler for your home and workplace. For your car, you can pick a smaller water cooler that is convenient for long road drives and comes in handy if your car batteries stop working in the middle of the road.

But what’s the best water dispenser in Dubai? The answer lies in your needs. In the market of UAE, you will find electric and non-electric water coolers. Non-electric do not dispense hot or cold water whereas, electric water does give you hot and cold water options. Your choice may also be affected by factors like where you want to set it up, how you aim to use it, and the number of people who will use it.

Let’s say you want to install a water cooler on the street; then it’s best to go with a non-electric water cooler because the population using it is big in number, and you have no to limited electric option on the streets.


Things To Know When Purchasing A Water Cooler

·       For Home Use

For home use, there are some points you should consider. For instance, a top-loading design with a slim footprint should not take up much space in your kitchen or dining area; it should fit most corners of your home. Otherwise, look for a countertop dispenser if you lack floor space.

For an electric dispenser, look for a tri-temperature model that can dispense hot, cold, and room temperature water. Some freestanding dispensers have a built-in cabinet where you can store other items, such as an extra water vessel.


·       For Car Use

A high-quality water cooler in Dubai could also come with an ice maker for more convenience. They are generally designed for your cars and smaller in size, so you don’t have splashing water all around you. You can turn on the ‘ice button’ that will trigger the ice making cycle, which will go around 7minutes to 15 minutes and automatically shut off when detected enough ice inside.

Then, you can simply open the door to get ice with a scoop and enjoy it with your soda, sorbet, or other beverages.


In A Nutshell

There are various ways to combat the heat in Dubai, and we have already told you how you can lighten the effect of heat in your homes. But what about cars and other vehicles? Are not they got heat up too in the hot weather of Dubai?

To find solutions for your car problems, you can contact an automotive aftermarket like CTC. They will answer all your questions by offering you the best automotive parts in UAE.

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