A Step-by-Step Guide to Cheap Reseller Hosting India

Starting a Reseller Hosting is not that easy. Business owners find it difficult to get started with such high-end hosting services. Are you feeling stuck with your business? Are you not getting enough information on getting Linux Reseller hosting? Refer to the guide to get the best and cheap Reseller hosting in India to cater to all sorts of clients, irrespective of their businesses and sizes.

Wondering about embarking on a new successful business journey? If yes, pick the best Reseller hosting option. It is a bottleneck of every business. The cheap Reseller hosting in India provides premium quality hosting opportunities to give an excellent kick-off for business. Using Linux Reseller Hosting, starting personal web hosting has become more relaxed now. Do you know about cheap reseller hosting? Check this brief guide from cheap Reseller hosting in India to popular case studies to get deeper insight. Let’s begin!

What is reseller hosting?

A website hosting service where the administrator is given access to specific server resources for generating a shared hosting account is Reseller Hosting. If you choose to get cheap Reseller hosting in India, you’ll get ample of benefits. It ensuressteady, effective price hosting services to professionals and organizations that customarily use Reseller Hosting.

It enables agencies and companies to create additional income through hosting, maintenance, and turn-key alternatives. Also, cheap Reseller hosting Indiadoes not compromiseto supply world-class facilities and technical expertise to its clients. Anybody can have the access to have the cheap Reseller hosting India to make it easy for people to manage their web hosting services without any hassle.

How Does a Reseller Hosting Work?

Reseller Hosting is a shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting package with an admin account. It allows consumers to design new individual hosting accounts. It’s essentially renting out hosting to a third party. A reseller account comes with its own server administration software, which allows the administrator to allocate specialized resources to every account and charge them separately.

Consider real-life housing for a moment. Think of a house or condominium building rented to a person who sublets the rooms to people. That’s how reseller hosting works. People might either purchase or lease their own unit. However, subleasing is a fitter option if they don’t want to bother with leasing contracts or property management but would engage with a friend.

Well, it’s not the case. Cheap Reseller hosting in India comes out as casual and informal in this scenario. It’s a popular service for companies and agencies with clients who are least interested in hearing FTP or DNS terms.

Clients are provided with hands-off hosting. Resellers benefit from regular income and a close relationship with their customers. Hosting firms rent servers to people who can pay, understand what they want and need, and are likely to stick around for a long time. Reseller hosting is found on a shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server, or cloud server. It all relies on how the consumer intends to use it.

Benefits of Having a Cheap Reseller Hosting in India

Several web hosts packages offer Reseller hosting packages. You are provided a certain amount of disc network bandwidth when you sign up for a reseller hosting account. Individual accounts are partitioned and leased to various individuals. The Reseller gets a lot of hosting space in bulk and then splits it into smaller chunks for different clients. Without leaving any trace of the host site, the Reseller even can put their own customized brand to the goods. This is considered to be “white label” reseller hosting.

Smaller companies can use Reseller hosting to get individual web hosting services as well as reseller assistance. It can be a profitable venture for a developer and a realistic strategy for online eCommerce enterprises that require additional domains, each with its own authentication portal.

Reseller Hosting – How does it differ from Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is identical to Reseller hosting in theory. Smaller sites are given a larger share of network capacity in both approaches. The way the package is handled is the difference between the two. Shared hosting will keep the existing host’s logo and features if the account contains several web domains. Every domain on that bundle will utilize the same cPanel setup and one login.

Web Host Manager, which is a cheap reseller host meta-portal, administers multiple cPanel accounts. Here the Reseller serves like their own web host, using only the primary host’s physical dedicated server. In parallel to cPanel accounts, the Reseller can offer their own service contracts and fees.

Popular Case Studies

By today, the online market is going through tough competition. It is a change in time, which needs renewed products and services to attract the target audience. Selecting the best company to move on with your business is a tedious task. So a proper assessment of a service or product before starting business is needed for an hour. Look at the popular case studies given below!

  • Let’s consider the case of a web marketing expert who specializes in a particular domain. They have exposure to the front channels for obtaining consumers in that field in their own network. The marketing expert can focus on a single client, creating personalized websites designed for specific requirements. Eventually, the marketer can bill such consumers a monthly hosting fee while looking for new ones.
  • In the second instance, the “pioneer entrepreneur,” is driven by enthusiasm to launch several web businesses at a smaller scale. They’ll require assistance to delegate control panels for the site to external freelancers, company partners, or staff. It allows entrepreneurs to use their abilities to grow each independent firm while delegating everyday tasks to their assistants.


According to the explanation above, cheap Reseller hosting in Indiaoffers a viable business model to businesses. Without a doubt, it provides a great deal of leeway in terms of applicability. Because of the low entrance hurdle, eCommerce visionaries put this new web hosting technology to various uses.

Go4hosting is the most reputable provider, offering economical Linux reseller hosting for businesses looking to expand. Feel free to contact the experts if you need support with reseller hosting or have any other questions.

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