Bathroom Taps- What are They and What Are their Advantages.

Bathroom Taps- What are they and what Are their Advantages.

A bathroom is incomplete without Bathroom Taps at certain places. We just need a tap or three on our bathroom basin or vanity. But sometimes, the question arises as to what type of tap we should get for our bathroom.

When we browse through the endless possibilities of faucets that we can use in the restroom, a lot of them come before our eyes. It can be a challenging task because we only want what’s best, and the options are infinite. Not only will you require to make the option of the hardware that fits perfectly with fixtures, but you also need to take care of the other factors too.

These factors include aesthetics, size, elegance, and speeding. In modern times, the mixers can be either contemporary or traditional, so you will need to choose each carefully. In case you want a contemporary design, then it is important to check the various styles available. The mixers in the vintage time were not available, and you had separate, usually crosshead faucets. It requires to do mixing manually. Such proposals are still available. However, most people don’t want these as the latest mixers perfectly provide the water that has the suitable temperature as per your temperature.

In this article, we’ll discuss mixer faucets for a washroom. So, without getting further, let’s start.

Are Bathroom Mixer Taps Different? 

The Bathroom Taps are the most found tapware due to their mixing ability nowadays. The mechanism is simple, which is that water mixes up and comes out of one place only instead of separating the two. The mixing is controlled by levers. Generally, the tapware for the washroom is for the sink and tub.

Advantages of Bathroom Mixer Taps

Some of the merits of installing a mixer in your washroom are discussed below.

  • The most prominent benefit of these faucets is their style. Bath Mixer Taps are available in many varieties, and each one is unique and decent. The latest and chic style makes them stand among their counterparts.
  • You can easily manage the mixing process of water according to your need with these faucets. You can adjust the required levels and then use the water in whatever way you like.
  • Another benefit that will really trick you into buying a mixer tap is its affordable rates. Mixers are low-cost tapware, and another benefit they give you is the fewer water bill. When you have one tapware which is fitted with a flow limiter, the water consumption will also become less, which will automatically be good for you.
  • Last but not least, mixer tapware is versatile. You can use them anywhere in your washroom, let it be a tub or sink. Most of these have double faucets, one for cold water and the other for hot. By installing a mixer tap, you won’t need two taps which will ultimately result in your desired water temperature in the bath.

Varieties of Bathroom Taps

This tapware can be installed at many places in your washroom. Some places where You can install them are showers, tubs, and sink.

Basin Mixer Taps

Here are a few types of tapware for the sink.

  • basin mono mixer tap
  • Double Hole/ Trio Hole Mixers
  • Waterfall Style
  • Deck Mounted

Bathtub Mixer Taps

For tubs, there are following are better choices.

  • Mono Mixer  Tapware
  • Multi-Hole Mixers
  • Freestanding and floor standing mixers

In this article, we discuss different BathroomTaps. We can also divide them into categories depending on their contemporary or classic look. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have faucets ranging from all the leading brands like Kartell, Premier, and Hudson Reed. You can visit our website to check our products and place an order.

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