Caregivers: Why Do We Need Them?

The majority of patients prefer to have their treatments finished in a hospital. However, in other cases, people find it impossible to visit hospitals and clinics on a daily basis. This makes it difficult to complete the treatment in a timely manner. Furthermore, most doctors are unable to provide individual care to each patient due to an increase in the number of patients in hospitals. As a result, unanticipated difficulties may arise.

As a result, medical services from home have become more convenient. New and portable technologies have been developed as medical knowledge has progressed. These technologies have aided us in receiving better and easier treatments both in the hospital and at home. From the comfort of our own homes, we can now obtain medical services from professionals such as speech therapists, physiotherapists, ICU certified nurses, medical attendants, general physicians, caretakers, and others.

Caregivers, also known as AYAs, are one of the most in-demand services in Pakistan. A caregiver’s job is to look after a patient of any age group. Caregivers are available to help with the strain and burden of caring for a sick or elderly loved one. Taking care of a physically challenged or medically ill patient while also conducting errands can quickly become exhausting and stressful. In these situations, seeking the assistance of a dependable caregiver can save you time and energy while also allowing your loved one to receive more focused attention. Seeking assistance from a caregiver can also help to avoid any unanticipated conditions or casualties.

What Does A Caregiver Really Do?

A caregiver assists a patient who requires non-medical assistance. Caregivers are prepared to handle a wide range of situations. A caretaker may be required to assist with the care of a disabled kid, elderly patients with medical concerns, a patient recovering from surgery, or for any other cause. Depending on your patient’s demands, you can hire a caregiver for 12-24 hours.

A caregiver’s medical duties often involve maintaining and recording vital signs, keeping track of medication dose, and transporting wheelchair-bound persons, among other things. Patients with dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory or heart problems almost always require medical attention. It is important to remember that caregivers cannot provide medical treatment or prescribe drugs. They are not professionally qualified in that field and lack any relevant experience.

Bathing, cleaning, toileting, eating, clothing, grooming, cooking, and any other service required by the patient are examples of non-medical services provided by a caretaker. Caregivers provide services to make housework easier and supply all of the services necessary to handle it.

What Is The Minimum Requirement To Become A Caregiver?

You can volunteer to become a caregiver and then pursue it as a career. Being a caretaker is a fulfilling job, but it also comes with a lot of obligations that need to be remembered at all times. To work as a caregiver, you’ll need a GED or a high school diploma. You must also complete a state-approved personal care assistant course and obtain a CPR certification.

What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Caregiver?

Being a caregiver is a difficult profession that demands a significant amount of time and effort. If you decide to work as a 24-hour caregiver, you’ll need to coordinate your own schedule so that you can devote the majority of your time and attention to your patients. In this area of employment, qualities like compassion, active listening, proactiveness, observation skills, cleanliness, and time management are critical. In order to get along with the patient better, caregivers also need strong temperament management and patience.

Where To Look For A Caregiver In Lahore?

In Pakistan, there are several medical agencies that provide caregiving services. Since 2006, “Holistic Healthcare Services” has provided the greatest caregivers and AYAs in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and the surrounding areas. They provide the most dependable and efficient caretakers, resulting in the best possible outcomes and good feedback.

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