How Can I Extract Phone Numbers From 1000’s Of Websites?

How To Extract Phone Numbers From 1000’s Of Websites In Minutes?

Websites are the best medium all over the world to connect with business owners of different industries and countries and the best source to collect data for lead generation and marketing campaigns. Each business/personal website offers the business address, phone number, email address, staff, specialties, and other contact details. Some websites offer users great searching options to find the products and services. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular search engines which have billions of websites, directories, and forums for data collection.

Most users use Google and Bing to find websites and customers’ data. If you want to use this data, you have to extract and export this data in CSV, Excel, or any other document to use. You can do this manually, it may take time and effort and it is a boring task. If you want that data to comes automatically to your computer in the form of CSV, Excel, or Text files then you have to use Phone Number Extractor software. Many marketers and freelancers use Cute Web Phone Number Extractor to extract phone numbers from thousands of websites without coding and being blocked through different search engines as it supports 66 search engines and more than 195 countries. You can extract data for any industry and country and can use this extracted data for any mobile marketing campaigns, to beat their competitors, or to sell others.

Why Cute Web Phone Extractor?

Typically, when you search for phone numbers on Google, Google displays thousands of websites for your keywords in seconds. To use these phone numbers, you have to save these numbers on your computer in an Excel or CSV file. This is the main problem that everyone faces – How to extract phone numbers from multiple websites to Excel simultaneously?.

That’s where people use Cute Web Phone Number Finder Software because they don’t want to waste their several months only in finding and arranging phone numbers. You can manually copy-paste the contact information of a website by visiting the “Contact Us” page. Remember, you need to copy-paste every detail like owner’s first and last name, email, phone number, address, location, country, city, etc. If you need to export phone numbers from thousands of websites, it may take several days or weeks to find and export data from a few thousand websites and there is no guarantee that the data collected is 100% accurate.

This is where smart people use Cute Web Phone Number Scraper to extract mobile numbers from multiple websites to Excel spreadsheets. The Mobile Number Extractor automatically finds, extracts, and exports cell phone numbers from thousands of websites according to your given keywords in the shortest time.

The Cell Phone Number Extractor can collect the phone number, the user name(first name & last name), location, and other contact information from a website “contact us” page.

Extract Phone Numbers From Millions Of Websites With Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

There are more than 1.80 billion websites and it’s impossible to visit each website manually and export phone numbers. The data is updated by every search engine on a daily or weekly basis. For this reason, you need a tool that provides you with an updated and valid phone number database from thousands of websites on a daily basis. And that’s where Cute Web Mobile Number Extractor comes into play.

Google Phone Number Extractor can find, extract, and export data from websites automatically without writing a single line of code. Web Phone Number Extractor works like a real user and is updated according to the updates of search engines. With just a click of a button, you can have a huge database of phone numbers at your computer or laptop in Excel, CSV, or Text formats.

How To Extract Phone Numbers From Websites To Excel By Using Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

Here is a detailed guide on how to use this Phone Number Scraper Software for this purpose. First, you need to install the wireless phone number extractor on your PC/Laptop. The Cute Web Phone Number Scraper can be downloaded on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, and Net Framework 4.0. You just have to enter your keywords in the search bar of the software and it will automatically find all the results from Google according to your given keywords and then you can select specific websites or all websites to scrape for phone numbers. The Phone Number Crawler can extract phone numbers from website URLs also and can find phone numbers by zip code, country code, and mobile company code. After that, click on the “Extract” button to extract phone numbers and then export the extracted phone numbers by pressing on the “Export” button to get mobile number data in CSV, Excel, or Text files. If you want to export data from websites to an Excel sheet then you have to purchase the license of the Cute Web Phone Number Extractor. The price of the software is just 59.99$ for a month.

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