How to multiply the success potential of your blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways to start a reliable online income stream or achieve your business objectives. Along with the bloggers, global brands as well as start-ups have identified and acknowledged the efficiency of blogging in achieving their business goals. However, one of the major issues is how to make your blog successful. While there isn’t any fool-proof trick for the same, you can find yourself nearer to success in a reasonable time by following a specific set of strategies. In this post we will share such strategies with you:

Start with a definite purpose and be committed to it

Perseverance is the key to success. You cannot expect your blog to grow if you are not committed to it. So, make sure that your blog has a definite purpose and you stick with it, no matter what. The most important factor for any blog is its readers. So, adequately research your readers and understand the type of content they can most likely relate to. 

Understand the readers’ profiles and challenges

Understand their profiles, major concerns, challenges, and personal/professional goals. See how your blog can help them overcome the hurdles, solve their challenges and achieve what they want in a reasonable time and with reasonable efforts. 

Can you offer them tutorials to technically empower them? Could you provide them the right insights regarding major issues they are keen to explore? Are you able to offer them an easy and practical solution to solve their key challenges? In short, make sure that you offer them tangible value through your blog. Building value for targeted audiences should be your major priority when starting a blog.

Adequately use social media to gain popularity

 One of the best ways to multiply the organic reach of your blog is to turn your readers into brand ambassadors. So, equip your blog with a series of social media buttons for facilitating instant sharing for the readers. This way the readers would be motivated to quickly share the post they enjoy the most and in no time the reach of that post will be multiplied. This one-time, simplistic task of just adding social media buttons at appropriate positions in your post can have a remarkable impact on expanding your blog’s impact to a larger section of the social media population. 

Make your posts search engine friendly

 Create SEO-friendly posts that are easily discoverable on search engines during relevant search queries. An easy strategy for that is to research the most potential keywords before writing the post. Using the right strategies place those keywords at the most prominent places like the first paragraph, conclusions, H2 headings, image tags, and meta description. 

Follow ideal keyword research/insertion guidelines

Avoid keyword stuffing as it can bring you in the bad books of Google and may even get your blog penalized. Strategically including the right keywords into your post title, meta description and body can help you gradually build your way up in the relevant SERPs.

 The sequence in which you use the keywords matters a lot. So make sure that keywords should appear at the primary position in any instance. For example, instead of “Best ways to enhance your SEO”, you can use the title “SEO strategies to boost your website ranking”.

Create worthy Backlinks

 Backlinks play a vital role in influencing your Google ranking. As opposed to a popular notion, it is the value and not merely the volume of the backlinks that matters when it comes to SERP ranking. So, instead of amassing links from low authority or irrelevant websites, it is always best to get backlinks from high authority niche-relevant sites with organic traffic.

Use everyday language without jargons

 The internet transcends the geographical boundaries to deliver your posts across different countries of the globe. However, using the language or words that non-native speakers can’t understand can severely limit its reach and reduce its potential. So, make sure that you use easy everyday words without forcing any jargon into your blog posts. 

Adopt a personalized tone to communicate with readers

Besides, it is equally important that your language should naturally resonate with the audiences you are targeting. Using a conversational tone naturally keeps your audiences engaged for long and encourages them to read our posts till the last word. So, choice of words and language and an ideal language flow are extremely important factors to be considered when preparing your posts. Along with inviting readers’ engagement it also helps your post to gain SEO benefits for your text and video blogs.

Initiate meaningful conversations around your posts

 Conversation is a vital element for popularising any blog. So, enable the comments on your blog posts and always respond to those comments including the negative ones as well. Also take immediate action on the negative comments to work on the weak aspects of your blog whether they belong to technical issues, writing style, or information accuracy. 

In case you lack the bandwidth to handle the comments effectively on your blog then you may choose to transfer commenting on social media channels or other appropriate digital avenues. The key takeaway here is that you should cultivate the habit of healthy, wholesome communication around your debate as it strengthens the commitment and loyalty and forms a well-knitted community of readers.

Respond to your brand mentions on digital avenues

 Across the internet the audiences are actively discussing your brand and the conversation includes a mix of positive and negative statements. By adopting a healthy blogging strategy you can actively engage yourself in the conversations. It will enable you to have first-hand information about the likes and dislikes of your customers. 

You can also use your blog posts to initiate a lively 2-way exchange of views and ideas with your targeted audiences and current buyers. You can utilize this opportunity to research the market perspectives and make informed decisions and actions to align your products best with the buyers’ expectations.


To enjoy the optimum outcome out of your blogging strategy, it is very important to adopt the right blogging strategies. Right from choosing the right niche to using friendly language and a conversational tone, there are different ways to optimize your blogs for success. In this blog post, we discussed some of the best ways that will effectively increase the success potential of your blog. 

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