7 Gemstone Jewelry Trends You Should Try

Gemstone Jewelry

Fashion is something that can change anyone’s mood and aura. People are crazy about following the latest trend in the markets. Being a retailer or wholesaler of gemstone silver jewelry, it is an excellent opportunity for you to capture the market with the latest trending collection. People will definitely buy these pieces to keep themself updated on the newest trend. So, as your jewelry guide, I am here to support you and tell you about the gemstone which you can have in your stock.

Here is the list of the Gemstone Jewelry

  1. Moldavite
  2. Larimar
  3. Moonstone
  4. Tanzanite
  5. opal
  6. Amber
  7. Turquoise


Moldavite is green glass, which is a tektite formed through the impact of meteoroids and comets that occurred around 14.8 million years ago. It is called the stone of transformation, and it doesn’t have any connection with the zodiac sign; anyone can wear it. Moldavite Jewelry is worn to eliminate fear, dissolve negativity, and develop patience.


Larimar is a gemstone that hails from the Dominican Republic and is a variety of pectolite mineral families. This gemstone is lovely in appearance and has incredible healing properties, which can make anyone fall for it. The blue Larimar Jewelry is one of the most demanding gemstones, especially among the youth, and they wear it while hanging out with their friends or to causal parties.

Moonstone Gemstone Jewelry

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar mineral family, and it has a beautiful sheen, which attracts the people to it. This stone is available in many shades, but specifically, the blue, white, and rainbow Moonstone Jewelry is most asked. It is also called moon magic stone, as this gem has the power of the moon, which makes the life of the wearer a better place to survive.


Tanzanite is a stunning gemstone known for its color and physical properties. It is the stone of transmutation, as it has the ability to protect the wearer and make them spiritual because of its high vibrational energy. Wearing Tanzanite Jewelry stimulates positive perception, which helps in soothing the mind and soul.


The gorgeous gemstone opal should always be kept in stock; it has great significance in the life of people. The play of color fetches the attention and heart of the wearer. Opal jewelry is highly worn at wedding parties by the bride and bridesmaids; it looks so elegant when worn with a white dress or pastel colors. Moreover, many people prefer wearing this jewelry on a daily basis, as it can keep the evil eye away.

Amber Gemstone Jewelry

Amber stone was discovered around 320 million years ago. These stones are prized for their warmth and beauty and have been traded among many cultures for around thousand of years. Amber jewelry is said to be the jewelry of courage, as it is considered as the soul of the tiger. It is the stone of protection and brings good luck into the user’s life. Moreover, it boosts the immune system, clears the mind and soul, and relieves the problem of headaches.


Turquoise is the bluish-green stone worn all around the world by gem lovers. This is even astrologically recommended to many people for bringing good fortune, health, and wealth into their life. Turquoise jewelry can be worn before starting any new venture; the stone would open the luck and would allow taking the business to reach the heights of success. Of course, hard work is required, but the stone helps in the success of the hard work. It can be a good support system for the wearer’s life, but one can not totally depend upon the stone.

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