How to Promote Your Instagram Posts: Does it Make Sense?

You have now created an Instagram account. You are posting quality on a regular basis. You are doing everything right, but you don’t see an increase in engagement. Use BuyFollowersMalaysia for this purpose for getting the most engaging people.

It happens. Building a following takes time, just like any social media platform. It’s possible to speed up the process, you may wonder.


Get promoted Instagram posts.


Promoted posts are organic posts that you create and then pay to have displayed to a specific audience. By tapping on “Promote”, you can promote your post from within the app. This is a simplified version IG ads that allows you to modify the appearance and distribution of your content. Promoted posts and ads both have a “Sponsored” tag that alerts users to the fact that this content was paid for.


You may be apprehensive about spending your hard-earned money.


First, how do I promote my post?


You can promote a post via the Instagram app by simply tapping a few icons if you have an Instagram Business account.


  • Log in to the Instagram app and navigate to your business profile.
  • Tap on “Promotions” and then tap “Create promotions.”
  • Click on the post you wish to promote and then tap “Promote” under its image.


  • Please fill in the information. This will enable you to choose a target audience, budget, duration, and time frame for your promotion.


  • Tap “Create Promotion” to send your post to Instagram. If it conforms with their guidelines, Instagram will run your promotion.



What’s in it for me?


Now that we have the “how”, let’s get to the “why”. Why should I pay for something when I can just keep writing for free? There are several reasons.


Reach New People


Promoting a post can be a great way for you to reach new people and increase your Instagram followers. It can be difficult to get your foot in the door and reach the right people, especially if you are just starting out. Promoting a post can help you increase brand awareness and bring your content to people who might not have found it otherwise.


You have two options when you fill out the details of your promoted post. You can either personalize your audience or let Instagram automatically create an audience from people who may be interested in your company. This “Lookalike” audience is created based on your existing IG following. It can be very useful if your list matches the type of people that you are trying to reach. This takes less time and research than creating your own audience profile using the Ads Manager.


Profit from the momentum generated by high-performing posts


Promoting a post that is performing well with your followers can help you increase your engagement and follower numbers.


Although an organic post can quickly become outdated once a few of your followers have seen it and engaged with it, it will still be relevant and fresh for longer. Nevertheless, it is worth promoting the post. If you are proud of a piece or content and want to promote it, this may be the best way to do it.


Make a call to action that brings in more customers online and offline.


Traditional IG posts don’t allow you to link directly to your website or any other relevant source. A promoted post gives you the opportunity to add a call-to-action button to your post. For posts with high engagement, a CTA button can be added to direct traffic to the destination you desire. This will convert all of those IG comments into actions. You have also a chance to buy Swedish Instagram followers for your business.



Calls to Action for Marketing Goals


You have a few options for your CTA during the setup stage: visit your site, visit your profile or call your business. Or get directions to your company. The CTA you choose should be relevant to your marketing goals. This could include increasing your online presence, getting more website visits, driving more customers to your physical location, and so on. The CTA can be a useful addition to your post, regardless of your goals.


But what’s the catch?


I will not lie. There are some downsides to promoting posts on IG. This is especially true when you consider Ads Manager, which is a more advanced option. Before you spend the money to purchase impressions, let us take a look at the downsides.


Instagram’s Audience Targeting Is Not as Sophisticated As Other Options


We’ve already discussed Instagram’s Lookalike function, which can be quite effective. On the other hand, you are not able to control who IG shows your content to.


Your promoted post may be targeted based on your age, location and interests. Your options are limited compared to when you create an IG ad using the Ads Manager tool. These options may be fine for businesses that have broad appeal but not for those who appeal to a narrower niche.


You can only reach one audience at a time


As I said in the previous section, you can create an audience by promoting a post based on certain demographic options. You cannot duplicate the post or promote it to other audiences.


If you are interested in A/B testing your posts, this is an important issue. For example, you might want to see if the post gets more engagement from women than men or users in their 20s and 30s. Ads Manager is an excellent resource to create multiple audience personas, and customize your content to appeal to different interests and desires.


There are only a few goals you can choose from


How do you intend to promote your post? Do you want to get more likes? Or do you want to increase sales with your product catalogue? Unfortunately, only one of these options is possible in IG Post Promotion.


You will be asked to set a goal when you promote a post. You have the option to increase profile visits, website traffic or promotion views. Instagram’s algorithm can target specific audience groups depending on which choice you make. These options may be sufficient if your goal is to boost vanity metrics. But what if conversions are more important than likes?



A list of Marketing Objectives for Ads Managers


The Ads Manager tool has more options than promoted posts. You’ll see options that relate to conversions, purchases and in-store visits. Promoted posts are not the best option if you’re looking to make more of your advertising budget than just a boost in brand awareness.


Your results may vary


Like any other post on Instagram, it’s not guaranteed that your promoted post will produce the desired results. Your success is dependent on how well you create posts that are engaging with people and encourage them to take action on your call-to-action. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your post.


Brand posts that are highly successful tend to be focused on lifestyle and not product. Posts should tell a story. Your customers can visualize their products in real life by showing them models and props. Your stylish bags can be seen on a busy mom getting a cup of coffee at your bakery, or a student heading off to college with one of your totes.


A simple product photo may look great, but it can also be offensive to your customers. Lifestyle photos are more natural and will give you more bang for your buck.

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