Nosh EMR: Everything there is to Know!

About Nosh EMR 

The NOSH EHR System ChartingSystem (New Open-Source Health) is an EMR built for ambulatory health centers. The system’s major goal is to offer medical practitioners’ inexpensive accessibility to straightforward, efficient, and rapid electronic health records. A patient portal, appointment scheduling with reminders, and secure messaging are all available through Nosh. It offers a large number of templates, digital documents, computerized order input, practice management tools, graphing, patient-education document creation notifications, and innovative tagging services to its customers. 

Nosh EMR can be customized and adjusted to match the demands of a healthcare institution. It is very easy to maintain client data and modify it accordingly when needed. This is a great feature as it meets the needs of each individual.

 In this piece, we are going to talk about everything there is to know about Nosh EMR. Find out what you need to look for in the Nosh EMR demo.  

Nosh EMR: Key Features

  1. Medical Charts 

Demographics, ongoing problems, prescriptions, supplements, previous contacts, and others are all included in the charts. It has an electronic reminder and notification platform, as well as an administrative documentation creation and processing structure that works in tandem with the patient portal.

  • Medical Records 

Documents with configurable summaries provide for more precise and informative information leading up to sessions. Doctors can customize the history of the disease, medical examination, and overall review templates to meet their specific needs. Personalized digital forms can be given and filled out through the patient portal, then saved in the client’s medical records. 

  • Inventory Management 

A sophisticated stock management software is capable of vaccination and Medicine usage and alerts the user when resources are running low. It includes supplier costs to aid in financial management.

  • Reporting 

Reports created electronically keep professionals up to date. Current health concerns, logistic concerns, and other items fall within this category. Custom tags and standard search criteria can be used to modify results.

  • Patient Portal 

Every other medical practice requires a good patient portal these days. A well-structured patient portal can help improve patient engagement majorly. It also assists doctors in creating a better treatment plan for their patients. Patients can schedule their own appointments, keep a check on their progress, as well as do much more with Nosh EMRs patient portal.

Nosh EMR: Pros and Cons


  • Integrated Practice Management Software: Appointments, clients, patient information, inventories, cash flows, and much more can all be managed from one centralized system. Doctors, secretaries, billers, and even clients benefit from integrations for import/export, alerts, and customizable customer data and patient communication.

  • Open Source: Organizations can reduce expense by foregoing practice management software and instead establishing a supportive and cooperative network of like-minded professionals. The platform’s Github repository lets people collaborate with programmers and coworkers to improve the product.

  • Customization: Client data and records that may be customized allow clinics to see what they require, when they need it, accelerating and enhancing therapy. Doctors can customize reports in any way they want, as in-depth as they want, thanks to a changeable presentation of patient data.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Security is key for every medical specialty which is why we have Nosh EMR. Nosh EMR is HIPAA Compliant which means all the patient information stays secure and confidential.  


  • There is no Meaningful Use certification. 
  • Isn’t available as a SaaS and doesn’t include clinical decision rules 
  • There are no mobile apps available. 

What do users have to say about Nosh EMR? 

The first thing that every other user talks about is Nosh EMRs customer Service. The customer support is extremely active and friendly. They take no time in responding back and solving the queries. The second thing that every other user mentions is how the software is incredibly user-friendly.

According to many users, the software does not take long to understand. Getting a hang of it is like a piece of cake. One feature that many Nosh EMR reviews talk about is Nosh EMRs patient portal. The portal is designed very smartly keeping all the important aspects in mind. If you are looking for an EMR Software with a comprehensive and robust patient portal, we would recommend you to check Nosh EMR out.  

If you want a detailed Nosh EMR review, we would recommend you to visit Software Finder

Nosh EMR Pricing 

Nosh EMR pricing is very inexpensive compared to other best ehr software. It starts from $50 which is very reasonable. All the features offered in this package are extremely good.  

Should You Invest in Nosh EMR?  

Michael Chen, a doctor in Portland, Oregon, created and maintains NOSH. Chen created the software after being dissatisfied with the industry’s options of economical EMR/EHR solutions, and the very first edition of NOSH was released in 2012. It was designed to help small facilities, primarily NGOs, organize their operations.

If you want to invest in Nosh EMR Software, make sure to read as many Nosh EMR reviews as possible to get a clearer picture of the software. Furthermore, we would also recommend you schedule a Nosh EMR demo. Getting a demo beforehand will help you understand the software better. It will help you understand whether the software is right for you which can save you a lot of time and energy.

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