Quebec Skilled Workers Program: A brief about the process and documentation

Getting admission to the Quebec skilled workers program is a dream many cherish towards. This is because the idea of living and working in a peaceful place like Quebec is a welcome thought and easily achievable. The Quebec skilled workers program, enables a person to qualify for an employed life in the heart of Quebec. There are several steps towards the application process. If all these steps are properly followed, the aspirant can easily ensure to make the perfect impression to get himself selected for the program.

Rank Well, Get Called

Several factors can help you ensure that the first application you put together gets a better ranking than other applicants. What are those? To begin with, you must understand that there is a ranking system for the new applications submitted at the portal. These are called Quebec immigration points and are important in ranking your application high on the Quebec immigration portal. These factors can be summarized to be work experience, education, language ability, age, spouse or common-law partner points, family in Quebec, age of children, an existing or proposed job offer, and your financial status.

The application package provided to the candidate upon being shortlisted by the Province of Quebec will have the guidelines for the filling up of forms. The candidate must ensure that the questions are carefully answered, and the forms are completely and correctly filled. If you are working with the best agency of Canada immigration, then the agency officials will help you ensure that all doubts are cleared. They will also ensure your answers are satisfactory and fulfill the requirements of the application procedure.

The Way Forward

The next step to application towards the Quebec skilled workers program is the chance to get shortlisted by the Government of Canada. This involves the procedure of applying for the permanent residency of Canada, adhering to the application requirements of the Canadian government. This is due to the higher chances of getting selected for the Quebec skilled worker program if you are a permanent resident of Canada. There are several documents that need to be submitted to the Canadian government to qualify for permanent citizenship.

If you are dealing with the best agency for Canada immigration, then you will be advised to showcase a background that is beneficial to the economy of the province. This includes showing a sound financial background and good family relations. As well, a job opportunity and good future prospects will help you fill-up the forms well and shine through the selection procedure.

Here is a quick look at all the probable documents that you have to submit to the Canadian government proving that you are interested in permanent citizenship in the country.

  • Generic Application Form [IMM 0008] 
  • Documents Checklist [IMM 5690]
  • Additional Dependents if any/Declaration [IMM 0008DEP] 
  • Economic Classes – A Declaration of Intent for Residing in Quebec (Schedule 5)
  • Background/Declaration (Schedule A) [IMM 5669]
  • Supplementary Information – Your Travels [IMM 5562]
  • [IMM 5406] Additional Family Information
  • [IMM 5476] Representative Use
  • Common-law Union Statutory Declaration [IMM 5409]
  • Guide for Quebec-Selected Applicants Applying for Permanent Residence [IMM EQ7000]
  • Minors Traveling to Canada – Separation Declaration [IMM 5604]

Why is a Permanent Residency Status Important?

For any of you wishing to receive that Certificate of Selection from Quebec, it is important that you are awarded the permanent residency certificate. This is possible with the aid of the best agency for Canada immigration. All the documents listed above are to initiate the process of applying for permanent residency. The procedure further will involve a couple of interviews and biometric data collection, taking part in medical examinations, and upon being asked, furnish further details and data pertaining to your candidature. If the process is successfully completed, then the candidate will be given a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a visa declaring permanent residency.

From Start to Finish

All of the above steps begin with the Expression of Interest to migrate to Quebec, which you will submit to the Arima site with all details. Remember, every Expression of Interest is valid for 12 months. In case it is shortlisted, you will be invited towards the above documentation and permanent residency application.

It is at this juncture wherein you will be needed to pay the application fees. Every primary applicant has to pay 798 Canadian Dollars. The primary applicant’s spouse or de facto spouse will require 171 Canadian dollars, and every dependent child will require 171 Canadian dollars. In short, you will be invited to join the structured immigration procedure of the Canadian government, which is very organized and will be based on how well you rank throughout the documentation and application process.


The entire process takes around 17 months, and only after this process of documentation and application for Quebec Skilled Workers Program can you travel and visit Canada.

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