STAAD Pro vs ETABS: Which Software Should You Use?

STAAD Pro and ETABS are the two most powerful and reliable structural analysis software that are available in the market. Using both the software an engineer can easily perform structural analysis of a building in just a few minutes. But which of them is better than the other and gives more bang for the buck? So, today we are going to compare both these amazing structural analysis software/ tools to find out the answer to these two questions.

Here’s everything that you need to know about both these fantastic structural analysis tools/software.

Basic Difference

STAAD Pro is a robust structural analysis and design software from Bentley Systems. Using the software an engineer can easily design and analyze the structure of buildings. Besides this, you can also use the software for the purpose of designing lateral resisting frames, beams, columns, walls, etc.  

ETABS is a very powerful structural analysis/ building design software from Computers & Structures, Inc. The software is mainly used for modeling, analysis, design, and reporting. Using the software an engineer can easily design steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, etc. as per the US and international design codes. To learn more about both the software feel free to join the Etabs Training Institute in Delhi.


STAAD Pro features a command-line interface and you have to type commands for accessing or using its features. Whereas ETABS comes with a graphical user interface and is comparatively more easy to use.  The software has a very simple and easy-to-use UI and you won’t face any difficulty while using its features or giving it a command. Besides this, you can easily perform structural analysis of a building using the software with just a few clicks. Thus in terms of user-friendliness ETABS is more user-friendly in comparison to STAAD Pro.


Using ETABS you can easily and quickly analyze complex structures and buildings. The software comes with robust options and features that make the process of analyzing complex structures and building very easy for an engineer. Whereas STAAD Pro is not suitable for analyzing complex structures and buildings. It is mainly a general-purpose structural analysis and design software. In terms of functionality, ETABS is more powerful than STAAD Pro.

Ease of Learning

STAAD PRO has a command-line interface and you must have knowledge about the command line in order to use the software for structural analysis without any difficulty.  Whereas ETABS features a graphical user interface and you can easily use it for structural analysis and design even if you are a newbie. Thus in terms of ease of learning and use ETABS is easier to use in comparison to STAAD Pro.

Presentation and Reporting Capabilities

ETABS comes with powerful presentation and reporting capabilities. Using the software, you can create more accurate structural analysis reports and present the results in easy to understand format. Whereas STAAD Pro does not comes with powerful presentation and reporting capabilities. Thus in terms of presentation and reporting capabilities, ETABS is more superior in comparison to STAAD Pro. To learn how to create powerful structural analysis reports using ETABS enroll yourself in the Etabs Training in Noida.


Both ETABS and STAAD Pro are phenomenal structural analysis software. Both the structural analysis software/tools are very helpful and can provide lots of advantages to an engineer. But overall ETABS appears to be a better option in comparison to STAAD Pro. Thus if you are an engineer then we suggest that you should purchase and use ETABS instead of STAAD Pro. It will make your work a lot easier and help you easily design and analyze complex buildings and structures without any difficulty or problem.

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