Sublime Text Alternatives – What Is Sublime Text Editor?

To describe text editors, in other words, it would be described as a place for writing and editing text. This includes anything starting from editing a plain document to writing long code blocks to utilize for developing a new program.

As a coder, it can get crucial to find an accurate text editor since you are required to spend a lot of time working on it. As you step into the coding industry you might get puzzled by all the possible options for the beginners’ stage.

Brackets (Free)

Price: Free

Platforms: Mac, Linux, and windows

Brackets were particularly designed for web developers. This lightweight and impactful editing tool contain the right blend of visual temperament for reducing user efforts. With this software, you will get a simple UI to operate with several keyboard shortcuts including advanced features such as split-screen editing.

Other recognized features of Brackets are the live preview, inline editor, and processor support. Acquiring the live preview feature, you will be able to monitor your website page update in real-time as you can edit HTML and CSS files.

Plugins offer additional support for functions like Python tools and W3C validation.

Atom (Free)

Price: Free

Platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Atom is relatively an open-source editor that works seamlessly. This is a highly customizable text editor that has the support of dedicated developers, giving you easy access to tons of themes and plugins.

There are eight light and dark themes. Additionally, you can cooperate new features and functionalities through its built-in package manager. It consists of file system search, replacement, and browser.

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 Microsoft Visual Studio Code (Free)

Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows

Price: Free

This text editor supports features such as upgrading the standard syntax highlighting and standard autocomplete. Visual Studio Code offers built-in Git commands and all the necessary documents are accessible on the website.

There are options to debug your code directly in the editor, it also has a large collection of extensions to make your required upgrades.

Vim (Free)

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and UNIX

It was released in 1991, so it has served the developers for more than twenty years. It is also listed as one of the oldest text editors accessible in the industry. Developers are still emancipating new updates and release for this text editor.

There are twelve various editing modes such as a command-line mode, a visual mode that prompts the area of text, and an easy mode. On this open-source editor, you will find a large number of plugin extensions that are available to add bonus functionality.

Final Words on Best Text Editors

Getting the right text editor is a difficult call to make. You will have to choose the software so that you can acknowledge the basics without being agitated on how to use the program.

Sublime text is the lightest with low resources usage. Hence it works perfectly for heavy coders.

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