Task Management Apps help for Improving Small Businesses

Synopsis- Entrepreneurs are consistently in a hurry, regardless of whether they’re at a conference or meeting, a networking occasion or speaking gig, on a place of work, work from home, or at the center. This is when the task management apps at small businesses in regards to mobile app development will assist with keeping you coordinated, ready, and further develop productivity.

In this feature, we’ll cover the best task management apps, features and pros, and cons for better understanding and a motive of business development.

What are task management apps?

“Task management app” is essentially a web-based platform that permits regular clients and organizations to deal with their daily agendas in the most productive way. It gives you the tools to make, allocate, team up, track, and deliver tasks within the ideal time span and quality principles.   

Employees do various assignments and exercises on the daily basis for the day in offices. Only one out of every task undertaken in your lists holds similar importance as the other. Few of them are urgent and some of them can undoubtedly be dealt with later in the day. This is the place where practices like task management apps prove their significance.

Task management is considered crucial for each project manager and group since it permits them to watch out for their needs and turn out to be more productive every day. With the right task management app, it’s more straightforward to define boundaries, explore the craft of delegation, discuss easily on tasks, track task progress progressively, and keep steady over your standard work.

Best of Task management apps

There are some amazing task management apps accessible in the market. To make things simpler, we have assembled a list of tools that make task association, visual preparation, and scheduling more convenient and quicker.


ProofHub is a high-level task management software that provides you full command over your tasks and assists with dealing with your projects successfully. Regardless of whether you’re a team manager or part of the project, it goes about as one spot for every one of your projects, groups, and communications.


  1. You can guarantee powerful task management
  2. You can maintain your work ethics
  3. You can create audit and endorsement processes quicker, more collaborative
  4. You can get clear experiences with dynamic reports
  5. You can utilize Gantt charts to give a visual timetable to tasks


In this digital world, Workfront is an incredible tool to oversee tasks and keep things coordinated. Workfront joins project management, intelligent work automation, and in-context coordinated effort so your team can accomplish the correct work, and deliver that work quicker.


  1. You can maintain digital content in a solitary area
  2.  You can incorporate activities to build transparency and support a coordinated effort
  3. You can customize your foundation for the manner in which you work


Ticktick is a famous plan for the day, checklist, and task manager application. Many people are now utilizing this task management application to catch thoughts, arrange tasks, and take advantage of life. It confesses all interface that empowers clients to oversee tasks simpler, quicker, and better. It upholds real-time syncing across numerous stages. It tends to be handily integrated with third-party schedules and functions admirably with Siri as well.


  1. You can make tasks, lists, and reminders
  2. You have an option of drag and drop to set a due date in Calendar
  3. You can share records, appoint tasks to team up
  4. You can utilize fascinating subjects


Podio is a customizable work management solution that leads trust and representatives to love employing. With content, discussions, and cycles organized and together on one tool, Podio makes the concentration and clarity your audience need to finish their best work.


  1. You can practice granular admin abilities to command the access to your Podio workspace
  2. You can utilize advanced workflows to make particular automation
  3. You can streamline, synchronize projects and workflows.
  4. You can employee under thorough security guidelines


Same page is one of those tools that make task management simpler and quicker. Share and alter the content in living pages with other colleagues in real-time. Regardless of whether it’s video conferencing, team chats, direct messaging, whatever your communication inclinations are, Samepage has got everything you want it to be.


  1. You can define a boundary, deadlines, recurrence, and reminders
  2. You can drag and drop documents on a page and edit them on the web
  3. You can visualize task progress in real-time

Advantages of task management apps

Amazing task management apps can offer a way for your teams to employee more beneficially. Task management apps that are incorporated with other project management features are even superior and can assist you with bettering overseeing assignments and activities. Here are some key advantages to pay special mind to while picking a project management apps to deal with your work.

  • Track time spent on employment
  • Working together with groups
  • Put together, focus on, and assign tasks
  • Screen progress in real-time
  • Updating status for tasks on the web
  • Attach notes, documents, links and offer remarks to assignments
  • Share assignments with group
  • Make individual daily agendas within assignments

 Disadvantages of task management apps

The project management apps are intended to build ROI invested by further developing effectiveness and upgrading communication. However, at that point, assuming a business owner neglects to pick the right tool or platform, it may not give wanted outcomes. As such, it can cost organizations more than it’s worth. Accordingly, you want to stay away from these cons.

  • Individual tools
  • Unwelcoming design
  • Rigid Interface
  • Hard to Access
  • Expensive investment
  • Complexity

To settle on an informed choice with regards to moving to project management apps, it’s great that apart from knowing all the advantages that you ought to perceive a portion of the hindrances too.

Features of task management apps

To find the best applications for your group, consider which features you want to deal with your projects proficiently. To guarantee that you don’t leave some significant viewpoints uncovered while looking for new apps, explore the must-have features of task management tools. Great project management applications features include:

1. Scheme and schedule– While dealing with a team, it’s important to systematize everybody’s roles and responsibilities illustrated and noticeable. The best online project management apps also empower allocating tasks to colleagues and defining priories and deadlines. Assisting with staying away from false impressions and realizing who to assign new tasks.

2. Collaboration– The best project management incorporates highlights for document sharing, calendars, and contact records. Each colleague can insert data into the framework and others will have speedy access at whatever point and any place they need it.

3. Documentation- Having each one of the data gathered to a comprehensive PM tool implies that you can simply offer it with your group and access it in a couple of clicks. There is no reason to switch between different spreadsheets to find pieces of data.

4.  Reporting- The best task management apps involve reporting tools that gather your recently inserted project data and empower making customizable reports.

5. Budget– The best venture budgeting apps give you weekly and monthly reports of your project costs, consumptions, and sums. You likewise notice when your venture goes over a financial plan.

6. Resource management– An extraordinary project management apps incorporate a component for resource management, laying out essential dates and arranging resources, and working out the expense of their utilization. This assists with keeping away from over-tasks and potential struggles for lacking resources.

Inference to the topic

Many task management apps offer a demo or free trial nowadays. It is smarter to utilize the one prior to coordinating it into the business framework. An ideal task management app is without any complexities, errors, or execution-related issues. Subsequent to testing and research completely, you want to pick an instinctive, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand app for your group. An answer on which you can concentrate the whole work process with brilliant visibility into each part of the task, ought to be chosen. 

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