The Do’s and Don’ts of Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathy medicine or homeopathy science revolves around the idea that human body is capable of healing itself. Homeopathy says that the symptoms of a particular disease is only the body’s response to fight back.

Homeopathic medicines revolves around the idea that “like cures like,” meaning the substance causing the particular symptoms in a healthy body can possibly heal itself if tiny amounts of it is advised to an individual.

Thus, homeopathy medicine in Sydney is focused around inducing the self-curing properties of the body.

Here, we have come up with some dos and don’ts for patients who wants to get treated successfully using homeopathy medicines.

Do’s of Homeopathy Treatment

Here are some practices you should follow for a successful homeopathy treatment:

  1. You should always store homeopathic medicines in a dry, cool, and dark place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, magnets, heat, radiations and strong odors like those of chemicals, spirit, camphor, paint, etc.
  2. If you are consuming homeopathy medicine in the form of sugar pellets, then chew them rather than swallowing them whole. If the medicine comes in the form of solution, then mix it with a tiny amount of fresh water and while taking it keep it in your mouth for a while before swallowing.
  3. Before consuming any new medicine, always consult with your homeopathy doctor first. You may know the names of some common medicines for common illnesses but the doctor would know best about the treatment process you need to undertake for a successful treatment.
  4. Always follow the doctor’s prescription carefully. You need to closely adhere to the prescribed medicines by the homeopathy doctor. The medicines your doctor prescribes for you are carefully chosen keeping in mind your age, weight, medical history, the extent of illness, etc. Altering the doses would thus render the treatment unsuccessful.
  5. Contrary to the popular belief, it is okay to take homeopathy medicines while following allopathic medicines. However, you should consult your doctor first. Because there are certain antifungal and antibiotic medications, including topical ointments, can interfere with the treatment process.
  6. Also, consult with your doctor if you are planning on getting vaccinated for certain illness. It might not be compatible with the homeopathic treatment.

Don’ts of Homeopathy Treatment

Here are some practices to avoid while on a homeopathy treatment:

  1. The first thing to note is not to consume food immediately before or after taking the medicines. Your tongue must be clear when you take the particular medicines. Also, stay away from foods and substances with strong odor and flavor, such as, cigarettes and other tobacco based products. You should also not consume food such as coffee, onion, ginger, etc. while on a homeopathy treatment. In short, avoid consuming substances with strong odor and flavor.
  2. Follow the half-hour rule. Meaning do not consume any food 30 minutes before or after taking medication. Although, you can take water before or after 5 minutes of taking the medicine. Before or after half an hour, you can take any food that is not restricted.
  3. Homeopathy medicines are generally coated at the surface of sugar pellets. So, it’s a good practice to not touch the pellets with your hands. Just pour the advised medicine onto the cap of the bottle and then take it without touching the sugar pellets.
  4. Avoid coffee at all costs when under a homeopathy treatment. According to many practitioners, coffee can cause a significant hindrance to homeopathy treatment. So, avoid it until your treatment is completed.
  5. Avoid using substances with strong odor like aerosol sprays containing menthol or eucalyptus or camphor. Consult your doctor regarding the use of aromatherapy oils containing strong aromas.

These are some dos and don’ts that must be followed for a successful homeopathy treatment. Any homeopathy medicine in Sydney is centered on increasing the body’s self-healing mechanism. And following the above tips will make sure the treatment be successful and you get rid of the illness you are suffering from.

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