Want Lip Fillers? Follow These Dermatologist’s Tips for Best Outcome

Over the decades, we have noticed several beauty trends passed by. But it is like full lips and pouts become the trendsetter of all time in beauty standards. After Kylie Jenner’s wonderful transformation, #pout is the buzz across social media platforms for fashion and beauty social media influencers.

No doubt it is the present beauty obsessions of most people and chronicle on lip job by Kylie Jenner spurs the fixation on lip fillers

Do you have any such obsession? Are you little curious about it? It is not hard at all to get provoked by these major public figures who flaunt their perfect pouts almost every Instagram post!

However, before you think on the process, it is not much late to know some fundamental facts of lip fillers. Follow the tips shared by top dermatologist when you want to have filler for best results.

Do homework properly and find the right provider

It is always better to do some research and homework properly. You are not said to check preferable beauty and fashion magazines. You can search online. Searching withlip fillers near me” online can help you to find a lot of names for lip filling experts. Also visit the official page of dermatology to gain lots of information on lip augmentation.

Then choose your preferable provider to pay a visit on an appointment. Going with board-certified cosmetic facial surgeon, plastic surgeon and dermatologist is safe! Remember cosmetic work is a blend of science and art. Hence the doctor must need experience and skill to attain the aesthetic goals of the patients. Raise your concerns regarding expectations, procedure, transparency and price at the time of consultation.   

Never just want the celebrity pout

Never go with any celebrity’s pout generally. As everyone obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lips you need the correct proportion to make you feel and look good. Instead of injecting the wrinkle there are much more finesse and artistry require for lip fillers. Talk to the provider whether they use golden ratio since da Vinci’s era. The perfect ratio of upper lip to lower lip is 1:1.618.

Although fuller lips can fit you perfectly yet it seems different on many due to the variations in facial proportions and contours. Your provider will show the images of “before and after” once you get the process. Hence, it is advisable that you should visit an experienced provider who can precisely revitalise the skin of your lips appearing it full and subtle using lip fillers.

Be ready to bear the pain

Nervous system is really complex in the lips and hence it is quite sensitive spot for injecting filler. There are many injectables of Hyaluronic Acid such as Juvederm that consists of the numbing medication lidocaine.

Still, many providers make use of topical anaesthesia for numbing the site of injection. Hence you will just feel slight pressure on the lips at the time of procedure. Also you will about to feel tenderness, 3 hours after lip filler. However, that will subside down naturally.

Relax right after the process

Lip fillers remain malleable for the initial 48 hours. It makes the skin most vulnerable to swelling. Hence try to deal with your skin with gentle. Keep your patience, wait and relax and allow the fillers to settle down properly. Swelling will resolve down completely and you can notice the visible result within 2-week of the treatment.  

Be prepared for potential side effects

Any infection comes with its own sets of risks. Pain, swelling and bruising are some common ones from them. Lips easily swell 1 to 3-days post-lip augmentation.

However the degree of side effects relies from person to person. There are many who don’t experience any swelling at all. Apply ice pack to the area to lessen the swelling. Bruising lasts for a week but you can use make up and lipstick to cover it. Sometimes laser treatment proves to be useful for significant bruising.

Don’t miss your touch-up procedure

Dermal filler lasts for 6 to 18 months. The result varies from a person to another especially when you inject it on any active parts of the body like lips. Usually patients have to visit the provider once in every 3 to 6-month for touch-up. This will hold on to the fuller, natural and subtle look in the long run.

Filler is completely reversible

Hyaluronic Acid injection is reversible. In such instances, you have to use hyaluronidase (natural bodily enzyme to metabolise hyaluronic acid) to dissolve it within 24 hours.

Arrange your lip filling consultation now!

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