Common Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Carpets, Carpets add to the aesthetic appeal of every house, office, or any other premise. But, keeping them clean and tint-free is also important or else they will simply look shabby in a few years.

People often make a few common mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning. Here are a few such mistakes that you should avoid for keeping the carpets of your home and office well-maintained.

Not Cleaning For a Long Time

The first and the most common mistake people make regarding carpet cleaning is not cleaning it regularly. Let’s suppose that you do not have kids in your home and guests do not frequent your place.

Therefore, you might think that your carpet does not require regular care as no one makes it dirty. But, you are probably ignoring one element that regularly makes your rugs and floor accessories unclean – air.

Air carries a significant quantity of dust, pollens, pollutants, etc., which it deposits on your beautiful and apparently clean-looking carpet every day. Therefore, not cleaning your carpet at least once a month would only make it a storehouse of dirt.

Moreover, when you host parties at home or invite friends and relatives over, make sure to clean the carpets immediately after the event. Waiting too long to clean them will only allow the dirt and stains enough time to become permanent marks.

Scrubbing Stubborn Stains

Another mistake many people make is scrubbing stubborn stains vehemently. Applying too much force might harm the fabric strands of the carpet. As a result, even if the stain gets removed, the carpet will no longer look as gorgeous. In fact, it might suffer scratches and spots on it.

Also, if the stain has been on the carpet surface for several days, scrubbing might not be enough to remove it. As time passes by, the stains get deeper into the carpet base and become almost inseparable.  It could be a wine stain, pet urine mark, or a pizza sauce tint.

No matter the stain, do not use a hard brush to rub it. Instead, call the professional carpet cleaning services near you and the professionals will know the tricks to remove hard stains. The best part is, that professional cleaners will never damage your carpet during cleaning.

Using Harmful Chemicals for Cleaning

Carpets feature delicate weaving and designs which might get damaged if you use chemical products for cleaning them. Plus, all carpets do not feature the same materials. For example, you might have a floor spread made of fine wool or synthetic fibre.

Now, these are two very different materials and respond distinctly to different chemicals. A cleaner containing acid can ruin your synthetic fibre carpet in minutes. Similarly, extremely alkaline cleaners can be equally harsh on wool fibres.

Therefore, you need to know which cleaner would be ideal for a material. If you have multiple carpets made of different materials in your home or office, make sure to hire the experts for the task. Professional carpet cleaners generally use soap and cleaning agents that do not damage the carpet’s texture or colour.

Not Wearing Gloves While Cleaning

Whenever you clean the carpets, make sure to cover your hands by wearing cleaning gloves.  This is important as you do not always realise the number of pollutants and dirt hidden deep within the surface of the carpets. The best way to start cleaning would be to wear PPE first.

This will keep you guarded from the piles of dust, pollens, allergens, and pollutants that will float free in the air during the cleaning process. When you scrub the carpet surface with a brush, some of these pollutants sink deeper to find shelter in the carpet base and some get liberated and float freely.

This is why hiring professionals would be the best idea for a thorough carpet cleaning. Contact the professionals offering carpet cleaning in Dublin to make your floor spreads party-ready.

Soaking Stains For A Long Time

Many people think that soaking stains for a longer time will help to remove them easily. In the case of carpets, soaking for a long time does not work that way. Oversoaking might not be useful. In fact, it could ruin the rear side of your carpet. Plus, if you have used too much soap in the soap solution, the colour of the carpet might also fade.

Due to humidity, mould might also develop in the rear part of the carpet. The fibres might also be affected by long exposure to alkaline solutions. In short, soaking stains for a longer time will only enhance the risk of damaging the carpet.

Call the expert carpet cleaners if you notice any old and hard stains on your carpet. The experts will come equipped with all the necessary machines and products to clean your carpets without damaging them.

Not Vacuuming Before Cleaning

Many people do not even think about vacuuming the carpet when they spot a tint or stain on it. They immediately rush for soap solution and start to blot the stains. When you press the tissue or blotting paper on the carpet surface, you press down the dust and dirt on it downwards and into the carpet bed.

While the stain might fade or come out, the dust layer of the carpet bed simply gets thicker. Professional cleaners will never make this mistake. They always vacuum the carpet first to remove the loose dust and then remove the stains.

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a reliable company for carpet cleaning services. The professionals take care of all varieties of stains on any variety of carpets. Be it a wine stain on your office carpet or a pet urine mark on your home carpet, you can rely on their services blindfolded.

Removing Hard Stains without Professionals’ Help

Often, people try to remove the hard stains from the carpet by following YouTube tutorials or DIY methods. While for regular cleaning, some of these tips might work at times, for thorough cleaning you need professional expertise.

The carpet cleaning agencies first take into account the material of the carpet and then check the stains. For stubborn and old tints, they use specific cleaning techniques and machines so that the carpet does not get harmed in the process.

So, when you decide not to hire professional cleaning services for carpet cleaning, your favourite carpet might get damaged.

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