What should your diet look like after Rhinoplasty?

America has commercialised the practice of plastic surgery amongst youth. It is now considered very normal to opt for a botox or fillers that could hide your insecurities forever. According to a statistics it shows 30,246 rhinoplasty procedures were performed on patients age 13-19 in 2015.

The recovery of rhinoplasty causes discomfort more than pain in most patients. The signs of discomfort include blunt pain or congestion around the nasal area. So if you don’t want to mess up the recovery post surgery, a proper diet is needed.

Yes, there are certain food that slow down the healing of wounds. This article is going to make you aware on what diet to follow.

Foods that are safe whilst you’re recovering from a botched nose job :-

Mechanical soft diet

When we undergo surgeries, our doctors advice us to live a diet that will make the recovery easy for us. One significant reason behind doing that is simply because we may be hurting. Shifting to a softer diet can help you chew smoothly. After getting a botched nose job at things of different texture or thickness that are either chopped, ground, pureed or mashed. These foods include mashed potatoes, chicken stew, porridge etc.

Fiber dense food

A common and general symptom after surgery would be constipation. On top of being itchy and uncomfortable, one wouldn’t ask for additional problem. Other than a high fiber diet being extremely healthy, fibers plays a major role in boosting metabolism. Fibers are also responsible for increasing bowel movement. Amongst fiber food figs, spinach, broccoli, applesauce etc are good source of fiber.

Anxiety reducing food

From the time somebody is opting first time for a rhinoplasty to the recovery stage, you may have hightened anxiety or be stressed. Particularly so that you don’t get flustered and mess up the process. Various research has shown that some of the food we eat regularly was deficient in the diet of people with anxiety disorder. Some of these are said to be the healthiest food in the world, includes dark chocolate, chamomile, yogurt, banana etc.

Anti-inflammatory food

As the name suggests there are organic ingredients that help in reducing inflammation. It is rather important to heal the wound in a healthy time period. As wounds generally attract bacteria influx, one should avoid the risk of getting infected. Spicy or sour foods agitates our mucus tissues which can slow down the healing. Unlike many surgeries, a botched nose job is comparitively less painful. But as our nose is a sensitive region, the inflammation will be evident. To somewhat manage that, you need to eat these foods. Berries, bell peppers, mushrooms, grapes etc will help you keep inflammation in control.

Avoid processed foods

When you’re on the recovery stage after a rhinoplasty, it is really important for a person to eat nutrient rich food. Maximum processed foods are jam packed with trans fat, high sodium and saturated sugar. Which are collectively damaging to our health, they act as empty calories. You should mainly focus on eating whole foods and anything that can provide you with ample vitamin & minerals. Such as whole grains, seeds and colourful fruits as well as vegetables.

Bottom Line –

Rhinoplasty in today’s world is absolutely normal to go through. The recovery process after getting a botched nose job can last from a week to two. It is recommendable to follow this diet but also remember health is subjective. Checking in with a professional is really important before you proceed. Try and avoid the consumption of alcohol, caffeine & smoking in the six week period after a rhinoplasty. We hope you found this article useful and will apply these under regulation.

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