Why Is It Important To Have Strong Perfumes For Men?

Subject: Men are tough and so should their scent be. This is a common notion among many but why. Read ahead to find out why men prefer to buy strong perfumes and how it is changing?


For a very long-time man has been using strong and pungent perfumes. This was not the case when fragrances came into existence. At that time, men and women alike were using floral perfumes or woody perfumes. This trend shifted when deodorants came into the market. They were promoted claiming men are different from women. They are more manly and do not need flowers to make them smell good.

This concept of being rough and tough made men think they should steer away from elegant smells. The pungent and strong a fragrance is, the manlier it will be. This is the reason most of the man perfumes are so strong. Even the deodorants claimed to be chick magnets are something every girl hates. Somehow these brands and even men have confused the need for a strong scent with something not pleasant.

Yes, men are different from women. They have slightly smelly bodies due to pheromones. Food habits and lifestyle contributes to this smell making it a little unbearable. But applying a pungent deodorant on it will not help. It will cover the scent with a more pungent odour for a short time. What you need is a good perfume, strong but not pungent. Instead of using deodorants, it is better to switch to perfumes. Fragrances like Wild Child perfume with woody and deep floral notes are ideal for men. Even the fresh perfumes with deep and rich notes work great.

Strong does not necessarily mean unpleasant. It can be pleasant, soothing, and even elegant. There is a huge range of manly perfumes available in India that are here to change the game.

How Much Perfume Is Enough For You?

When you apply a strong perfume, there is an exceptionally fine line between classy and tacky. While many men think the more is better, perfumes state otherwise. Fragrances are available in small bottles for a reason. You are not supposed to apply as much as you like. It is not a deodorant that is often sprayed all over the body covering every inch from head to toe. Wild Child Eau de parfum for men has a higher essence concentration. Every Eau de parfum is potent and rich. You need a mere single spray of it to smell amazing. To the most, you can spray twice on your skin and that is it.

Anything more than this will be like you are screaming for attention. If you are meeting someone for the first time, avoid wearing strong scents. You are not sure whether the person in front of you has a tolerance for such scents. Similarly, when you are preparing for meetings in closed rooms, wearing a strong scent is forbidden. It can be slightly uncomfortable for others. In case you must apply, stick to a single spray. Even while freshening up, a single spray is enough. Spray it on your pulse points like neckline or wrist for best results.

Unisex Perfumes Are Changing The Game:

Men these days are paying more attention to personal grooming. They are least concerned about what others will think of their perfume. What they want is to be more presentable and more like a gentleman. They do not wish to smell bad even after the gym or spending time in the field playing sport. They are more concerned about the fragrance and not the gender with which it is associated. Due to this, many perfume brands have been offering unisex perfumes. Such perfumes are also able to cater to the needs of women who love manly scents.

In this category, the brand pays attention to only the aroma. The scent should smell good and should be able to match your personality. Nothing else matters. Unisex scents have also been immensely helpful for anyone who needs unique gifts. They can easily choose a nice-smelling perfume and gift it. If you forget the gender-based tag, these scents can make you stand out.

Where Can You Buy The Largest Range Of Branded Scents?

Fragrance lovers all over the country are getting so many options, it can be confusing. Instead of worrying about what to buy and not to buy, try some Indian fragrance brands. These indie brands have some of the best fragrances to offer to you. All the scents are inspired by what an Indian would like to wear. From offering scents for office use to something for a wedding. There are many options for everyday casual scents as well as for special occasions.

To make it easy, you can visit the popular online fragrance stores. They have everything under one roof. Brands like Perfumer’s Club are easily available online in these stores. You can go through the range and pick up the best scents for men as well as for unisex. It is time to revamp your personality with a new scent.

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