Why is my google nest wireless router not connecting to WiFI?

The google nest router is the best that has been developed by google INC. This is a whole mesh wireless system. If you are using a traditional router and not getting the best performance then it’s the right time. To replace it with a brand new google nest wireless router. This router comes with different kinds of special features. A small built-in speaker is also available in nest wifi points. You can easily connect your google assistant with this smart router and can operate it by giving the voice commands. The setup process of this router is simple and fast, You can manually configure your router just by reading the manual.

By using the google assistant, You can easily play music, and easily operate your connected wireless devices by using voice commands. This is a multi-functioned router that supports dual band technology. 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ, You will get a high speed of 1500mbps in 5 ghz band and 800mbps in single 2.4ghz. The password is protected with WPA, WPA-2 PSK security level. The built-in MU-MIMO technology helps to enhance the wireless network more comfortably and allows wide and high speed internet connection. Sometimes use must face different kinds of issues with this router. The most common is google nest not connecting to wifi. You can fix it easily by using the given steps.

Reason : Google nest wireless router not connecting to WiFI

The Nest wireless router is the advanced and wireless device. That transmits the signal over a large area and allows a high speed connection. You can easily connect multiple devices at one time without suffering internet problems. If your device is not connected with the WI-FI there may be many reasons behind this issue. By using the instructions you can easily fix these kinds of issues.

Check cable connection

Check the connected cable, Sometimes a damaged cable or loosely connected cables can also cause this kind of issue. Properly check connected ethernet cable is working properly and inserted correctly. Carefully connect one end of cable with the google wireless router WAN port. The other end with the modem ethernet port.

Check your router and the podem, Power adapter is connected properly with the electric socket and power button is turned “ON”. Also check the modem is connected with the internet source. Check the fiber line, DSL internet provider cable is not damaged. If there is any problem, You can get connected with an Internet service provider.

Restart devices

Simply need to turn off and on your wireless devices in order to fix these issues. At first disconnect all the wires that are attached with the router, Including your modem. Wait for sometime until the LED indicators get off. The indicator indicates that the device is no longer connected with electricity.

Now simply, Connect all the wires carefully and plug the power adapter into the electrical outlet and switch it “ON”. Wait for sometime to notice the LED indicators, When it turns into solid means the modem is properly powered “ON” It will take a minimum of 2 minutes. Ensure that all the cables are connected securely and properly.

Check WAN settings

Sometimes, you don’t make changes in your network configuration, by defaultly the DHCP and google nest wireless router settings automatically create a common connection protocol.

In order to manage the settings you can also use google home app. You can easily change the PPoE account name and security key by accessing the WAN settings in google home app.

Factory reset

By following the steps even the problem is still not solved. Then you can perform a factory reset. But before going to the reset process. You must know that all the changes that you make in your device will change and set as default. You need to configure your device once again. You can easily reset your router by using google home app or pressing the button available on the device.

Reset using button –  Simply power “ON” your device and press the reset button using a paper clip. Your google nest wireless router will automatically enter factory reset mode and your device will reset shortly. You can check the status by viewing the LED indicators status.

Using google home app – Tap to google app icon and launch it, You will get all the point’s name in the home main screen. Select your’s and access the settings. Here you can see the factory reset option. Simply tap on it and wait for several minutes. Your device will automatically reset.

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