10 Steps To Learn Quran for Beginners

How can beginners learn Quran? This question is often asked. We have decided to give you the details that will guide you through the Quran step-by-step. Quran Schooling can help you with every stage of learning Quran for beginners. To help you learn Quran for beginners, we offer Online Quran Teaching Academy.

Others may advise you to begin with Noorani Qaida. While others might ask you to move on to the smaller chapters. Some may advise you to learn the Quran with Tajweed. You may be confused by all the opinions and not know how to learn Quran for beginners.

Here are the 10 steps that will teach you how to read, recite, and memorize the Quran. Let’s now learn the 10 steps to help beginners start the Quran.

1) Begin with Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a great book to start learning about the Holy Quran and Arabic language.

A Noorani Qaida is a great choice for beginners who want to learn the Holy Quran.

We can help you learn Noorani Qaida. Get connected to us today to learn the Noorani Qaida from your own home.

2) Learn Quran Reading

Once you’ve read the Noorani Qaida you will be able to understand the basic Arabic words. They are easy to recognize and can be read. Now it’s time for the next step: to start reading the Holy Quran. It is important to be able to read the Quran verses instead of only the words.

This step will begin by reading the Holy Quran verses. You will be able to practice every single verse of the Holy Quran. Keep practicing until you can read every word of the Holy Quran.

Quran Schooling allows you to learn Quran online. This allows you to learn the Holy Book from your own home. Connect to us, if you’re interested in learning the Holy Quran starting from the basics.

3) Start with Easy Chapters

Many people believe that learning Quran for kids and beginners is difficult. They start reading long chapters like Surah Al-Baqarah. For beginners, it can be daunting to read such a lengthy chapter.

This is why it is important to start reading the Quran in easy chapters. Once you have mastered them and become fluent, you can start to read the Holy Quran in its entirety from the first juz.

4) Discover Your Favorite Verses

Although the Holy Quran is the most important book for Muslims, certain verses have more significance due to the many benefits they provide. Ayat-ul Kursi is the best example. The 255th verse in the Holy Quran is a favorite of Muslims because of its many benefits. These verses can be read after you’ve started to read the Quran.

5) Find Your Favorite Chapter

The Holy Quran has a total number of 114 chapters. The Holy Quran’s chapters are not as easy to read as the verses. Surah Rahman, Surah Yaseen and Surah Yaseen represent the Holy Quran chapters that are closer to people’s hearts. These chapters can be read first, before you move on to the Holy Quran.

For any Quran chapter you would like to memorize or learn online, please contact us.

6) Get the Nitty-Gritty Details

Is it possible to read the Holy Quran until this step? In most cases, you can. However, that wouldn’t be ideal. You still have a lot to learn when you start learning the Holy Quran.

This section will cover the details you should pay attention to when you are reading the Holy Quran or reciting it. It is important to learn about stoppages (waqf), Sajdah, the Quran’s methods of performing them, as well as elongations. It is essential to understand:

  • What’s the end of a verse?
  • What is the mandatory top?
  • What is a Waqf permissible?
  • You can’t stop where you are?
  • Where can you take a moment to pause?
  • Where can you take a long pause for a moment?

These are essential knowledge that you need to be able read the Quran flawlessly.

7) How to Find Your Recitation Style (Qira’at)

When Allah has blessed you with such a beautiful voice, why limit yourself to reading the Holy Quran? Recite the Holy Quran. It’s a good idea to learn some Qira’at basics before you begin learning the Quran reading. Qira’at is the term used to describe the various styles of Quran recitation.

It is important to be familiar with the various styles you can use to recite the Quran, whether you’re a beginner or a child. There are ten types of Qira’at. Three Mashhur and seven are Mutawatir. You can choose the one that suits you best.

8) Learn the Quran Recitation

Once you’ve chosen your Quran recitation style it is time to start learning the Quran Recitation. Although it is not mandatory to learn the Quran recitation, it is something you should do if you are keen. You can take the online Quran Recitation Course.

This course will teach you how to recite Holy Quran from the most qualified Qari. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars each month. Quran recitation can be learned for as little as $44.99 per monthly. To book an appointment, contact us.

9) Quran Tajweed

Learn the Tajweed rules to take your Quran recitations to the next level. Tajweed is not a requirement for all Muslims to know. It’s entirely up to you. However, Tajweed is crucial when it comes down to Quran recitation.

Learn how to pronounce every letter and word in the Quran. How do you pronounce them correctly? You can avoid making the most common mistakes in reading the Quran by learning the Tajweed rules.

Quran Schooling can help you with this too. Take the Online Quran Tutors by Rate to learn the Quran using Tajweed. Quran teachers who are experts in teaching children and beginners the Holy Quran know how to make it easy for them to understand. This is why this course can be taken even if you don’t know much about Tajweed.

10) Decide whether you want to Hifz Quran or not

You can still learn the Tajweed and Quran reading. This Holy Book can also be memorized. Many people are keen to memorize the Holy Quran because of the promises Allah has made. It is up to you to decide if you want to be a Hafiz.

Here are the ten steps to help beginners and kids learn the Quran. Online learning is the best way to learn the Sacred Quran.

Learn the Quran online with us

Quran Schooling teaches you how to read, recite and memorize Holy Quran with Tajweed. Connect to any of these platforms to learn the Quran.

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