Applications of Bubble Wrap Rolls

Bubble Wrap is the most useful packaging material required by almost every industry. It is a transparent plastic material with air filled bubbles and is ideal to pack delicate or fragile items.

The bubble wraps have equally spaced protruding air filled small bags that lend great cushioning for easily breakable items. The bubble wrap rolls are available in various sizes and can be used to pack goods of any shape and size.

It is possible to pack any item using this packaging film but it is recommended to use other packaging materials along with it to ensure extra safety of your items in transit. Let’s have a look at the types of items that can be packed using bubble wrap rolls.

Fragile Goods

Any item which is delicate and can break easily must be wrapped using bubble wrap. Fragile pieces such as flower vases, mirrors, decorative items, paintings, chinaware, artworks, figurines and glasses require robust packaging so that when they are shipped, they reach the final destination safely. As these can get damaged during transit, it is recommended to use bubble rolls to pack them. The bubble wrap roll film layers will ensure the best protection from scratches and dents.


These days there are online furniture shops from where one can buy any furniture item easily. Wrapped in bubble rolls, these items can be easily home delivered. This ensures that the items remain safe and scratch free in transit and reach the customers intact.

This packaging product is used to wrap the glass tabletops and any other fragile furniture pieces. Many layers of bubble film is wrapped around the goods so that no damage happens. Glass cabinet doors and other such delicate parts need to reach the customers scratch free and bubble material offers the much required cushioning. This cushioning safeguards the goods in transit against vibrations, bumps and shocks.

Electronics & Electrical Items

Fragile items can be protected by wrapping in bubble films. Electronics and electrical products are delicate and need good protection. Even a small bump can result in severe damage. Such products also have to be saved from static induced electric charge. This is the reason why it is safe to wrap these items in anti-static bubble wrap. Safety is ensured this way and products are also protected from electrostatic discharge.

Delicate Keepsake Items

When one pack for moving, delicate heirloom or keepsake items can be packed in bubble wrap films. These things have sentimental value and one would not want them to get damaged or broken. It is recommended to wrap layers of bubble film over such sentimental and fragile items when relocating. Bubble wrap packaging film is the most cost-efficient, strong, easy and safe packaging option to consider.

E-Commerce Goods

These days unlimited ecommerce stores are opening. Every business owner wants to go digital. Ecommerce products must be packed properly to make sure that in transit, the goods stay safe and reach customers intact. Delicate and fragile e-commerce goods are wrapped in layers of bubble rolls.

Types of Bubble Wrap Rolls

You need to choose the packaging supplies as per your industry’s packaging needs. Bubble wrap roll is one of the most used packaging materials required in almost every industry.

A small size bubble roll is normally used to wrap fragile goods such as items made of glass and softwood. For toys, cutlery and other such items, medium size films is used.

For furniture such as sofa, dining table and other household things and office items, large size bubble wrap films are used as padding. This bubble padding can keep furniture and other goods safe.

Anti static bubble film is suitable for electronic items, mobiles, laptops, television sets etc. It will help to protect the goods against static electricity.

The bubble wrap films provide great protection against shock and vibrations in transit and hence it is one of the most useful packaging materials.

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