Best 6 Live Streaming Apps for Android

We’ve listed the alternatives below along and their download links and conducted numerous security checks for these Android applications to guarantee you the security of your streaming experience. Let’s not spend a moment on the wrong side and start exploring the best Oreo Television Alternatives.

  1. ThopTV

There are more than 20 Oreo TV alternatives, but we’ve only listed 10 of them because we want you to use the most advanced or modern services to replace those annoyance ones. Each of the suggestions below is excellent, however the primary reason we have listed ThopTV as the No. 1. Is its quality!

So ThopTV is designed with care for the avid streamers that want to stream their free OTT content from a myriad of providers. It is an era that is accessible at the touch of the button. That’s the reason why ThopTV gives you a simple interface for users. You will be amazed by the variety of content that is available in this application, which comes from over 20 sources, which includes the options for subtitles and the Favorite list.


  • Download your most loved video with the no-cost offline download feature that comes with the THOP TV APK.
  • Enjoy the no-cost HD TV channels, which are linked to the official Airtel, Jio and many other servers.
  • Ride is the simplest interface for apps, similar to all the streaming platforms with a brand name.
  1. TeaTV

After ThopTV, TeaTV is the next big thing Android free OTT application that was designed to compete with other similar applications. Additionally, it’s an extremely useful Android application that can utilize the simple Search bar as well as the Voice search function to find your most loved content. It also comes with the combination of OTT streaming films, web series, and Live TV Channels ‘ forecast.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of additional features in TeaTV that aren’t found in any other version. These include the distinct HD releases section Watchlist and sync using an integrated account login feature as well as a variety of streaming servers. If you’ve never used this completely free OTT app, you should download it now by clicking the link below.


  • Fully optimized interface with the most efficient server service to ensure the most fluid streaming.
  • In-built Lite mode that is free to make use of lower data and stream extraordinary content.
  • The app’s interface is updated monthly to correct glitches and give you more modern features over the previous versions.
  1. Pikashow app

Pikashow could be the next contender to Our Oreo TV! It’s among the most beautiful Android applications to stream no-cost OTT content. If you’re the true dark screen or black screen aspirant, Pikashow will offer you the dark mode that is pre-installed in the app, which allows you to enjoy the full ease. It includes OTT Web series as well as films of your favorite streaming site, Netflix too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give the Live TV channels to stream live binge-style However, in other places; you will find all the latest episodes. Pikashow app for pc provides you with the operational servers of web-based applications like Hotstar as well as Zee5. All you need to do is search for your preferred show on the search bar and then, you are able to stream them with ease.


  • We provide you with a list of your Favorites to keep all your favourite and favorite content.
  • Genre collection free for all streaming binge sites to provide top-quality recommendations for watching
  • Download the offline download feature for free in the streaming online modes.
  1. GHD Sports

GHD Sports is something you might refer to as the Oreo TV for sports. That’s right, you heard it! It’s a stylish Android OTT app developed mostly for those who love to stream sports. Imagine that you’re an avid Football or cricket fan and you’re ready to stream your desired live game, but it turns out that you’re not able to get power. In this situation, GHD Sports will provide you with more than 100 free live sports channels that stream any game you want to.

Furthermore, the app allows you to watch an enormous array of other entertainment including numerous Hindi, English, and Marathi serials. Even if you’re running low data to watch the show, you can view live cricket and football scores within the application and also save your internet.


  • Live streaming on hundreds of free streaming channels for every Sports event or match.
  • Includes more fun content aside from the Sports things.
  • Riched with free event information, including the forthcoming tournaments live scores as well as the Sportsman information.
  • Many servers are available to stream lag-free videos.
  1. TorrDroid app

TorrDroid torrent downloader is a utility application created by IntelliGems. The name implies that the application allows users to download torrents using their mobile phones. Furthermore, it acts as an online indexer for torrent files. The application can be downloaded for free and runs without having to sign up for and download to torrdroid for pc.

TorrDroid is able to meet all of the behind-the-scenes technical requirements for downloading torrent files. All documents can be downloaded to your device with just only a couple of taps. The app will also download the most reliable and appropriate torrent according to your preference for search. However it will consume your information and might have download issues in the background.

  1. GoMax Live TV

The GoMax Live TV Android app is now available. GoMax Live TV Android app after recognizing the fantastic alternatives to Oreo TV. Also, the GoMax Live TV APK works exactly like other applications and has the same speeds of servers, but also comes with many additional advantages. It’s a clever Android application that delivers live entertainment TV Channels and Sports TV Channels as well as News TV Channels and Kids TV Channels.

This is the second most interesting feature on this page, GoMax Live TV provides you with the cost-free Android applications as well as Wallpaper to download while watching the TV channels. Yes, you heard it right! You can download high-definition wallpapers with GoMax Live TV and use the wallpapers to your Front Screen and Lock Screen to enrich the appearance of your gadget.


  • Get free TV shows in HD Wallpapers as well as Android applications.
  • Enjoy numerous regional languages, like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.
  • is completely free to use, and includes no redirecting hyperlinks.
  • Monitor the daily schedules for all your favorite TV channels through GoMax Live TV.
  1. PLEX Free TV

PLEX Free TV will be the latest streaming service online that is free that is ready to provide you with Hollywood and Bollywood quality content , without interruptions. It’s a combination of Online Live TV and OTT content platform, so you can watch everything you’d like to. You can also mark Plex Free TV as the 360 solution for watching binge.

The platform will provide all the amazing Live TV channels that aren’t available on any other platform like JohnyCharson Television, Wu-Tang, The Film Detective, US TV, Fashion Box HD, and Yahoo Finance. In addition, you can take advantage of the numerous features included in the built-in video player of PLEX The Free TV App. One of the most interesting benefits that is offered is access to Music Tracks, as well as premium podcasts!


  • 360 solutions to enjoy that include OTT Content streaming TV, Online Music Listening as well as Podcast Radio.
  • Upload your own content to Plex by using its protocol, for streaming it professional.
  • Monitor your activity throughout the day with a history of your activities and best recommendations for watching.

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