COVID-19 Phase is almost gone, why cry over it? Time to get over the bad habits!

The unexpected & unpleasant arrival of COVID-19 has affected almost every human alive on this earth. We’ve suffered physically, mentally & financially. The irreplaceable loss of loved ones, the fear of Coronavirus & getting jobless remained major grieves last year.

If this was less, the Lockdown Phases imposed restrictions, though, for the good, it was certainly difficult for people to cope-up with the change. Many people have unknowingly started to live under constant fear about what tomorrow will bring.

Amidst these historic times, all we need is safety, confidence, and faith that things will get better.

Let’s have an overview regarding the effects of lockdown & COVID-19 on our memory.

The Consequences of COVID-19 Phase

Isolated routines and work-from-home environments for months in a row during the pandemic didn’t turn out to be good for our memories. Limiting visits to our loved ones & endless working hours made many of us restless.

We can say that isolation became common for all of us & somewhere we have developed ‘unsafe’ feelings in meeting & greeting people. Frequent use of sanitizers in public places & at homes became everyday essentials. It wouldn’t be unfair if we say that we have stopped trusting people in matters of health & hygiene. We’re taking extreme steps to preserve our hygiene. Don’t you agree?

From taking extra measures to protect adults & children from stepping out to eating an immunity-boosting diet, we have done it all.

This was all that we went through in 2020. It’s 2021 now & vaccines have arrived with new hopes. No matter millions of life-loss is reported to date, we’re now moving ahead with a positive mindset that our days are getting a matter. We have started normalizing our routines to pre-COVID levels.

However, this isn’t easy for all of us.

Which habits are developed during COVID-19?

As mentioned above, our lifestyles are widely affected by the COVID-19 phase. During this duration, many of us have developed some bad habits unknowingly. What are those bad habits?

Streaming movies late at night, developing unnecessary anxiety if you could be affected by COVID-19, when will you receive the Coronavirus vaccine, if the COVID-19 phase will ever come to an end, etc are a few of the many habits developed during the pandemic.

As a result, people are suffering from daytime sleepiness & more such sleep disorders that affect the quality of their lifestyle.

When you’re wide awake at night, you’ll likely feel sleepy during the day. You may take frequent naps during the day & feel lazy all day long. This not only affects your sleeping routine but also impacts your mood & vibes. Slowly, you feel like socializing less & staying isolated just because you’ve feeling sleepy.

Such ill-routine impacts the immune system that isn’t a good signal when we’re still living under the pandemic phase. Though the vaccine is developed, Coronavirus isn’t gone. Hence, it is very important to note such habits, stop them from developing & indulging in activities that keep you active during the day.

5 Ways to get back to pre-COVID routine for Good

  1. Focus on Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being is equally important to physical fitness. You can practice stress-busting techniques, join free meditation seminars, perform laughter yoga, and do everything that helps you achieve mindfulness. It’s extremely important for restoring & relaxing your inner peace.

  1. Maintain a good sleep routine

Needless to say that sleep is our pillar of health & a way to keep our immune system strong. Disturbed sleeping routine during this pandemic many have imposed difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up before your morning timings. Besides this, you may be falling asleep unnecessarily during the day just because you’re feeling fatigued.

However, we have to take this as a challenge to maintain sound sleep. Consult your doctor & ask them if you can use medicines like Waklert and Modvigil that keep you active during the day. More importantly, you have to mind your day for a peaceful night.

  1. Stay physically active

Half of your fears are gone if you’re physically fit. Also, we all agree that this pandemic has changed our views on healthy living. We’ve incorporated essential healthy habits, but ignored them. So, try to stay physically active by eating well & exercising daily.

  1. Practice kindness, patience & compassion

It’s not just you, but everyone is going through a hard time. So, don’t forget to be kind to yourself & towards others too. We’re all into this together & your act of kindness will make someone’s day. Make sure your behavior is kind & you’re keeping patience with full compassion that things will get better soon.

You may participate as a volunteer in healthcare activities going around you to create new experiences & practice gratitude.

  1. Avoid COVID-19 Burnouts

We’ve coped up with social distancing, isolation, uncertainties, and more frequent changes in every walk of life. When you’re unable to get enough sleep, you’re likely to feel fatigued and exhausted from the jobs. Living in a pandemic is new for all of us, but we have to tackle fatigue wisely.

Insufficient quality of sleep, psychological disorder, emotional burnouts, etc may kick-in. You may get help from Modalert which can help you over excessive daytime Sleepiness but take this after consulting the doctor. The overall idea is to reduce emotional stress & reload fit life.

Final Thoughts

Witnessing the COVID-19 phase is historic for us. Hence it is up to us how we deal with the changing times & keep ourselves safe & secure to pass through these difficult situations without losing hopes. Crying over COVID-19 won’t help, dealing with it will! So, let’s face it bravely instead of developing bad habits & ruining the quality of life. Visit at:

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