Do You Really Need A New Phone? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Are you contemplating the possibility of purchasing a brand new smartphone within the next few months? It certainly sounds tempting but have you ever asked yourself whether you really need the latest smartphone? There was a time when there were some excellent phones out on the market, but they didn’t offer the same features that modern phones have.There are some expensive smartphones on the market today.There are very affordable phones but before you shell out your cash on them, be sure to ask these questions.

Does My Phone Work Well?

This is the very first question you need to be asking yourself. Are you experiencing glitches frequently? Or, is your device working perfectly? Even if you encounter occasional glitches, be aware that you are likely to resolve them yourself. You can do it in a matter of a few clicks or the assistance of some helpful applications.Like I’ve stated it’s crucial to distinguish our desires and needs. Smartphones are needed absolutely but if the model you currently have is working well then why would you spend the money on an entirely new model? This is crucial in the case of being on funds.Well 20000 range mobile in pakistan has been considered economical.Before you head to the shop or your carrier to buy the latest technology gadgets, take a look at these tips.

Do I Really Need Some Extra Features?

All those advertisements that showcase the new phone’s design and new features make you want to purchase the device. We’ve all felt that way. Fingerprint sensors as well as an iris scanner, additional camera options and more. All of it sounds amazing. However, you need to consider whether you really require them?The more features you have, particularly the new ones, which means a higher cost. I can remember the day when the fingerprint sensor was one of the reasons why I wanted to buy a new smartphone. Therefore, when my old model broke I decided to purchase one that had it. It’s a shame that I’m not using the device anymore. The idea sounds awesome and wonderful however after a few you’ll likely be bored, particularly in the case of not being an avid user of technology. If your smartphone has items you require and are using, then you probably don’t have to purchase another one. It’s not necessary, at least not right now.

How Long Will I Use My New Phone?

If you’re thinking of buying an expensive phone that costs thousands of dollars then you need to be wondering how long you’re going to be using the phone. Do you remember the great old days that came with Nokia 3310 and similar phones. You buy it and then use it for a long time. They were strong and stylish.Things have evolved.It’s true that the latest model will come with more features, and more color options, and many more options.Even if you’re looking to purchase a best  phone in pakistan costly device, but instead one of the less expensive models, check it against your smartphone. Are you sure it is the best? Do you plan to make use of it for more than two years? If not, you can keep the money in your pocket an extra few months.

Is A New Model Really That Better Than Its Predecessor?

The next question is. You might think that it is however, let’s face it that the differences are generally not too significant. Even the design of phones hasn’t changed too significantly. We are using the iPhone to give a good illustration.Everyone was hoping for iPhone 7 to be completely different from the previous iPhone models. But, when it was made accessible, iPhone fans were left somewhat dissatisfied. It’s basically the same design with a few additional options. Are there any advantages to switching? It’s probably not, especially when you own the iPhone 6 or 6s. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that, as long as you put off for a response, the less expensive the cost. Being patient sound good?

Should I Save For Something Else?

It is important to budget when shopping. Even if you’re on a tight budget, consider whether you should put aside funds for something else that you actually want? Should you consider saving for something else?Make your priorities the first priority. Even if you’re not planning on doing some shopping to do, you could save up to buy a high-end model, or even something that is truly exceptional. Do not forget another important thing. The phones keep coming out. Every year, there’s an iPhone and a top-of-the-line Samsung handset, LG, Huawei, HTC, etc. It might be better to save money. If the time comes, you could buy the best smartphone. Who knows?


If buying a new smartphone isn’t really a necessity, but an urge, remember that it’s just an impulse. Everyone has it. These days, when new phones are released looking shiny and beautiful it is easy to buy phones that are beautiful and shiny. If you are tempted to buy something, before the impulse is a factor consider these questions. If you can answer them then the urge will go away. You’ll be content not spending money, and you’ll discover that the phone you own currently isn’t worth replacing.

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