Everything You should know about NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check is actually free check-up of your overall health condition. It may detect whether you are at greater risk with certain health problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease

You need to discuss how you can lessen the risk of these conditions and solve the problem of dementia at the check up. When you are 65 and above, you should look for the signs and symptoms of dementia.

How NHS health check may help you

It is important to calculate the risk factors of your cardiovascular disease and get necessary explanations from the provider. Though cardiovascular risk levels may differ from one person to the other, everyone can develop type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and dementia. You are given advice on how to avoid them during the NHS health check. It may even help to detect possible health concerns before they lead to severe damage. By conducting full body mot blood test, the healthcare provider evaluates if you have any disease and how to overcome it.

What happens at the NHS health check?

The NHS Health Check requires nearly 20 to 30 minutes. Your healthcare professional asks some questions about your family and lifestyle, calculate your weight and height. He will also conduct a blood test and check blood pressure. The GP will either conduct a blood test before the check by taking blood sample from your arm or at the time of checkup.

The results show possible chances of suffering from diabetes, heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. If you are above 65 years, then you have to look at the signs and symptoms of dementia. You are given complete advice to improve all the risk factors by:

  • improving your diet
  • lessening the physical activities you perform
  • reducing weight
  • quitting cigarettes
  • taking medications to lower cholesterol level or pressure

Where you can perform an NHS health check

This actually depends where you stay. You will have your NHS Health Check at the local store or GP surgery but it may happen at the leisure centre.

You are given an invitation for free NHS health check in every 5 years between 40 to 74 years. When you register with a GP surgery providing NHS health check, you should get an invitation automatically.

On the other hand, the local authority sends you an appointment letter explaining where you have to go for NHS Health Check in every 5 years. You may even get reminders of the appointment about your NHS health check either by phone or email.

How NHS health checks work

As per the recent research:

  • In every 30 to 40 people with NHS Health Check, 1 person is on diagnosis due to high blood pressure
  • For every 80 to 200 people with Health check, 1 person is on diagnosis due to type 2 diabetes
  • With every 6 to 10 people with NHS health check, 1 person may be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease

How to get an NHS Health Check from the GP surgery

As the NHS Health Check is run by the local authorities, it depends on where you stay how to get your health check. The GP performs NHS health checks at the local pharmacies and GP surgeries but you can even get them at other places in your area.

What you should do when you are below 40 and above 74 years

People who are below 40 years are not there in the NHS Health Check as the young people have fewer risks of health conditions during the check. You may talk to your private GP when you have further questions.

On the other hand, if you are above 74 years and have any concerns, then speak with your GP soon.

What you can do for an NHS health check

You may ask your GP surgery if they may provide NHS Health Check and let you know when you will get the invitation. If your GP surgery does not provide NHS Health Check, then you can contact at the local authority for knowing how to do your check.

About private health checks

If you are the right candidate, then you should know that the NHS Health Check is free of charge. This includes any appointments and follow-up tests, according to the doctor’s instructions. The private health providers offer these tests on the NHS health check but you need to pay for them.

Thus, you will have to visit a reputed clinic where you can perform full body mot blood test in London. The private GP will check your condition and suggest necessary treatment to improve your overall health. You may get in touch with the GP anytime when you feel worried about your health and want to seek advice soon.

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