How is the distance formula related to the formula for standard deviation

Distance Formula

To determine the distance between two points in 3D space, the formula used is known as distance formula. Substituting the values of coordinates, it’s easy to acquire an accurate distance measurement between two points when we know their coordinates in the form of an ordered pair i.e. x, y, z.

There are various uses for the distance formula in 3D geometry as well as in everyday life. For simple navigating and determining distances, it may be utilised as a strategy.

he distance formula is derived from pythagoras theorem which is stated as

c =

The pythagoras theorem is used in order to calculate the length of the shortest side of the triangle that can either be the base or the perpendicular. From pythagoras theorem the distance formula is derived and stated as


This formula, for instance, may also be used to estimate the distance between two points on a map. Draw a straight line between the two points and use the formula to calculate the distance.

How to Calculate Distance Formula

The distance between any two points on the coordinate plane is just the square root of the x-distance squared plus the y-distance squared. Below is the step by step method of how simple it is to calculate the distance between two points using this formula.

  • For instance, consider the following scenario: you want to know the distance between the points (3, 7) and (5, 8).
  • First, determine how far apart the x-coordinates 3 and 7 are from each other in calculation. Because 7 – 3 = 4, the x-distance is equal to 24.
  • Take the square of the x-distance i.e. taking the square of 4 gives 16.
  • Calculate the distance between the y-coordinates 5 and 8 by using the following formula:Because 8 – 5 = 3, the y-distance is equal to 3.
  • The square y-distance is taken again, in this manner the 3 becomes 9.
  • After that, sum up the two squared numbers you just obtained i.e. 9 plus 16 equals to 25.
  • Last but not least, take the square root of that sum, the square root of twenty five gives five.
  • The distance between the two points is represented by the final number, 5.

Use Distance formula calculator to find the distance easily within seconds

Standard Deviation

In statistics, the standard deviation is a measure of how far a data collection varies from the mean. To calculate standard deviation you need to know the units of the data set. Having a lower standard deviation in a data collection indicates that the data is closer to the mean.

To put it another way, data with a small standard deviation have a limited amount of variation from the average or mean. In contrast to that results, large standard deviations indicate that the data is distant from the mean average and results are dispersed from the average. Standard deviation calculator can help you in finding the standard deviation easily.

There is greater variety in the data when the standard deviation is in greater values. Standard deviations are often less for groups that are quite similar, and greater for groups that contain different variables.

Hence, when it comes to data sets, the standard deviation is a measure of how far apart the values are dispersed. Moreover, it’s the only statistical value that can tell us if the numbers in a data collection are closely clustered or whether there is a large range of values.

Standard Deviation Formula

The standard deviation is stated as two different formulas in statistics. The first one given below is used to calculate the deviation of the entire population. Whereas the second one provided is for calculating standard deviation of the sample from the entire population. Their purpose however is the same, but their notation is different.

Standard Deviation Formula for Population

σ = √∑(X−μ)2/n

Standard Deviation Formula for Sample

s = √X−X¯2/n−1

In order to represent the mean in population and sample are represented in the standard formula by μ and x¯respectively. Moreover, following the formulas mentioned above the mean of the data set must first be calculated.

As discussed above the standard deviation formula is used to determine how much dispersed is from the average. When there is a standard deviation equal to zero it indicates all the values are equal, and the values are thus the same as the average.

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