How to create a podcast website


Today, in my article, I will tell you about the procedure to create a podcast website.

Before we start with podcasting, let us know what podcasting actually means?

Podcasting is the method of preparation, and distribution of digital audio data using RSS feeds about a particular topic or current news, stored on a database which keeps updating on a regular basis and spreading audio information.

To be more specific it is the combination of your ‘Ipod’ and broadcasting methods, which uses dedicated streaming services such as itunes, spotify etc.

Podcast websites have become a relevant marketing tool for doing fruitful business as well, which doesn’t need heavy investments and you don’t have to be tech savvy to use podcasting.

Why Create Podcast Website

Making your own podcasts has a lot of benefits. The cost of making a podcast is low while there are many podcasts available in the digital market free to download.

Some are made by corporations or sponsored with the inclusion of commercial advertisements, some for business purposes while some for creativity.

Creating a podcast is fun!

There are many services available in the digital market but the best only gains importance when it has the market value.

This market value can be achieved by gaining expertise in the marketing tactics and applying them on the podcasts which you have created.

The success of your podcast will purely depend upon your tallent how well you are able to gain more and more audience and attract them to visit your website or listen to your podcast.

Why is my only recommendation for a Podcast website platform is WordPress?

WordPress is a self hosted website builder program or a software which is brought to use by Podcast and it is steadily gaining importance in the field of Podcast as it offers unlimited designs, thousands of web applications to work with,integrations and extensions available to website owners for their personal usage as well.

These facilities provided to users enable them to use any computer application to its use and can change accordingly to their needs and thereby the same softwares helps them to give shape to the user’s ideas.

It’s like digging for metal which turned out to be gold in the field of Podcast!


Here are a few points which I would like to mention that why one should choose WordPress.

  • WordPress is a freeway or open sourced content management platform and easy to sign up.
  • It offers free costs and premium designs, themes, mobile applications and templates for creating projects, etc, which can be customised easily according to customer needs.
  • It is helpful and convenient to use, by both the beginners and the experts.
  • WordPress offers flexible post scheduling and restoration of deleted pages facility through which a user can recover the data that he lost unintentionally.
  • Add additional website editors instantly for your project creation and information dissemination.
  • You can easily customise your website for site optimization, drag and drop facility and documents upload process. The images uploaded are presented in three forms where they are divided on the basis of different sizes. Though this feature can be discarded according to user needs also.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Killer Podcast website

Before taking any step, we frame things and jot them down point wise to finally come to a conclusion.

I have mentioned a few points, which I hope will be able to guide you and help you.

Let us know how we can build a killer podcast website.

                          I.          Setup your domain

First and the foremost step before starting any work is getting connected with it. Connection is done through the sign up process with the website you are going to work with. You can use your own hosting service provider for top domains like

  • Dynadot
  • Namecheap
  • Godaddy etc.

I am using YouStable which lets you sign up and select domain facilities of your own choice at reasonable price plans for free.

A user should look for such domain names which he is familiar with because on different occasions people might forget the details of the data they just fed in into the database of the computer/server.

For example you can choose any string or numbers or a combination of both. Your domain names should be impressive and unique, easily acceptable to users’ minds and they find your website with a few clicks for example,, etc.

C’mon, give it a try!

                        II.          Choose Best Podcast Hosting Provider.

Get smart with YouStable’s super services available at decent price plans and let it put you on the top of the  list.

Sometimes management becomes quite a hectic task. In this article we will discuss the best cheap web hosting services provided by some renowned companies.

Many companies provide services for free while some take charges, because they provide extra and better facilities for the management of your podcast files.

Thanks to hosting services available in the digital market which makes difficult work quite easy, YouStable surely does that well. For using a podcast service you need to purchase a web hosting service provider.

Step by Step method to Buy Web Hosting service from YouStable

Whenever you finish off with the work of your website creation, you need to select a web hosting service to manage your work.

Before getting started with hosting service, one has to sign up with YouStable. Log on to the official website of YouStable read the following points how you can become a part of YouStable.

  • Visit the Official website of YouStable given in the link provided as: and fill up the registration form.
  • Get registered instantly, or you may seek help from the customer service support from YouStable.
  • Before selecting a plan, make up your mind which service can provide you with a better facility under your budget.
  • Select the desired plan and click on Add to Cart.
  • Next is the payment gateway which leads you to the payment window.
  • Decide the method of payment.
  • Fill in all the details of your ATM card/ Debit card/ Credit card, select Buy Now
  • After successful transactions, you get a confirmation message about your payments as an invoice. Check your email, or message.
  • When you are done with the above process, you can simply log in to your account using login credentials where you will get all the details regarding your plan validity, your basic details etc.

That’s all!


Install WordPress

There are many cheap VPS hosting service providers which facilitate easy and super fast installation of WordPress. Let me tell you how.

Let’s start With YouStable.

  • Firstly, login to your web hosting account by filing your login credentials.
  • Now login to cPanel and fill in the login details, username and password
  • Under the software heading click on softaculous App Installer.
  • Look for the WordPress icon and click on the install button.
  • A software configuration window dashboard appears where you can select the version of wordpress you want to install.
  • Choose the protocol for example if you have chosen the ssl then use http:// or https://
  • Next comes the site setting window where you can describe your site and give desired name to it. You also get to select if you want additional bloggers by clicking the (WPMU) checkbox.
  • After describing your web blog, comes the admin window where you have to fill in the Admin User name Email and password, that should be unique and easy to remember by you.
  • Don’t worry about other options you see leave them as default.
  • One can also click on the auto-upgradation option if you want uninterrupted service without worrying about the expiry date of the plan you have chosen.
  • Scroll down the page and select the install button located at the bottom of the web page.
  • You get a confirmation message of successful installation of wordpress.

Bingo! WordPress is installed.

Install Podcast Themes

Further if you want to do something more exciting on making a podcasting website, is to install creative themes. Themes lets users adjust colours, headers, images, notes, etc.

Let’s see how we can install podcast themes through wordpress.

  • Login to your wordpress account.
  • Now, on the user user dashboard in the left panel section select Appearances.
  • In the next window look for the search bar and type podcast.
  • You can also choose from the default themes provided and available by different categories as featured, popular latest.
  • You also get to preview the theme and take an overview of it before bringing it to the final utilisation.
  • Press the install button and you are done with the podcast theme installation process.

Final words

So now we come to the end part of our article.Be the ‘leader’ not the ‘leaded’.

”Decide what to be and go be it”.

I hope You get most of the benefits by reading my article and that you don’t find any difficulty in podcast website building now. If you do, then you know what to do.

Feel free to leave a reply.

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