Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

4 days, 4 delightful campsites The Garhwal area of ​​Uttarakhand is known for its paradise beauty and luxurious flora and fauna. I recently started to believe this when climbing the Pangarchulla Kuari Pass Trek.

5-day trekking means camping in 5 paradise campgrounds. Let me tell you that no campsite is different from another campsite in terms of scenery, scenery or geography.

In contrast campground, you will definitely be bored with the scenery. Every day when I start a journey from one camp to another, I want to move to a new place.

Here is all the information about all the campsites you will encounter on the Pangarchulla Kuari Pass hike.

 A paradise with Trees

The first campground you will encounter in the Kuari Pass Trek is Gulling. It is about 4 kilometers from Dhak village, the starting point of the trek. The trail passes through the mountain village, where the primitive life still exists. You will find a traditional mill in Tugashi village where the villagers still grind grain.

When you find yourself in the middle of a pine forest and a walnut forest, you should know that you are near Gulling. Gulling Campground looks like a multistory building. The ground is not flat. I would rather find the level or floor of the building. This is a small campground, but spacious enough to accommodate a small group of hikers.

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Water Fountain – You will find a perennial water stream in Gulin, which can meet all your drinking, cooking and hygiene needs.

Temperature : Because one side is covered by mountains, there is no cold wind at night.

Network: BSNL and Vodafone users are lucky to find a network in this camp.

 Khullara The Grand Living Hall Kuari Pass Trek

As the name suggests, the campsite is a vast open space. As long as your guests are willing to walk here, you can easily hold a wedding. Haha! Even if more than 20 people stay in the

venue at the same time, there will be no shortage of space. Think of Khulara as a living room, Hathi Godha and Dronagiri mountains decorate this place. Pine trees and coniferous forests are a great complement to outdoor activities.

Water Fountain: There is water flow all year round here. Therefore, it can meet all your water needs.

Temperature: The mountains behind protect you from the cold wind.

Note: For horses grazing in the fields, enjoy the view of Hathi Ghoda and Dronagiri up close.

Network-BSNL users may be lucky.

 Gelaghad Am I on one of those interstellar planets?

This is where you will go to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla Peak. If you ask me, the first impression of Gelaghad Campground is daunting. The campsite is actually located in a remote place, naked in the open air. The

tree line ends a few meters before reaching the camp. So you can’t find a tree in this campground, let alone a bush. Here, you will see endless huge rocks and hills, covered with golden shrubs and garnets.

At night, you seem to be on one of the planets in the movie Interstellar. I swear! The starry night sky looks so ethereal. Even in cold weather, the stars will keep you out of the tent. do not worry! There is no fourth dimension.

Temperature: Because it spreads in all directions, you will feel the cold wind here.

Note: Chaukhamba, Balkund, Trishul are the first places where sunlight comes. Don’t miss the snow peak under the incandescent lamp in the morning.

Network: Unfortunately, no.

Kuari Pass Trek Tali is the forest in the LOTR series

For me, Tali is a place in the jungle outside of the LOTR setting. Our camp is surrounded by dense rhododendron forests. Sitting in my tent, I felt like I was in a hobbit.

In winter, there will be a lot of snow here. The sun has just passed through the trees. This place is very comfortable and makes you feel at home.

You will also hike through the dense forest of Chitrakantha on the Tali Route.

Lake Dali is 2 kilometers from this campsite, so don’t miss it on the way. On a clear and calm day, you can see the reflection of Nanda Devi in ​​its waters.

Water Source: Any body of water you see in Dali is the result of groundwater stored in caves. But it is a very crowded camp, where there will be competition for drinking water.

Temperature: milder than Gelghad. Since it is located in the middle of the forest, it can be protected from the cold wind.

Kuari Pass Trek Gorson Bugyal Mini Switzerland of India

When I asked the local guide about this place, he said it was called Mini Switzerland of India. I thought he was bluffing, but he was right. Bugyal means grass in the local dialect of Uttarakhand.

is located near Auli, this place is cold all year round. The lush green grass decorated with golden oak trees is a visual treat. Walking on the grass feels like walking in the park. I believe this Bugyal will make Meadows of Roopkund Ali and Bedni Bugyal abound.

has two cabins built by ITBP for winter training and requires little maintenance.

Water source: There is serious water shortage throughout the year.

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