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Academic Knowledge


Academic Knowledge OpenLearn is a learning platform. OpenLearn provides free education from the platform of the Open University of UK. OpenLearn’s history goes back to 1999, and Open University formally initiated the learning platform website in 2006. The main purpose of OpenLearn is to provide access to educational materials without the necessary compulsion of signing up for the course. But, is it making any contributions in increasing academic knowledge? This article will discuss the role of OpenLearn in increasing academic knowledge.

What is the Meaning of Open Learning?

The term “open learning” refers to learning scenarios in which students have the freedom to decide about their education. The freedom to choose can be in terms of duration, location, teaching materials, forms of communication, and other aspects of their learning. From this standpoint, a learning environment or process should be accessible to anybody, at any time and in any location. Open Learning is also synonymous with Electronic learning or distance learning. Institutions that are offering Open Learning provide flexible options to students for learning. In a nutshell, Open Learning is not constrained by the bounds of time and place. However, since no one is available to assist you in your coursework, there are coursework writing services that can help you in this regard.

What Is The Vision And Mission of OpenLearn?

The primary aim of OpenLearn is to streamline educational opportunities and make them accessible to millions of people. It wants to universalize education with its free educational resources. OpenLearn platform abides by the following aims and values:

  • Providing free learning resources to people
  • Diminishing the obstacles to education such as lack of money, time and confidence
  • Ensuring the availability of both online and offline learning platforms
  • Cutting down costs by making free education accessible through sustainable business strategies
  • Improving the overall confidence and self-esteem of students through reward badges

The vision and mission of OpenLearn to universalize education by making it free and accessible is remarkable. It is a laudable initiative in increasing academic knowledge.

What does Open learn offer?

OpenLearn offers the following services:

  • Incremental learning experiences that you can accommodate easily in your daily schedule
  • Provides free educational access to employees who are looking to upgrade their skills for promotion
  • Provides educational support to parents who want to help their children with homework
  • Additional educational resources for students
  • Learning opportunities for people who are eager to learn
  • More than a thousand short courses ranging between one to hundred hours of study
  • Articles, quizzes and interactive games
  • The educational content in the form of audio and videos

What courses does Open learn provide?

OpenLearn provides a wide range of free courses. Learners can access any course they want to without any prior requirements. You can choose the course level as per your prior understanding and knowledge of the subject. Following are the course offered by OpenLearn:

  • Health, Sports and Psychology
  • Education and Development
  • History and the Arts
  • Languages
  • Money and Business
  • Nature and Environment
  • Science, Maths and Technology
  • Society, Politics and Law

Why Study a Free Course at OpenLearn?

Students can develop their skills by studying a free course at OpenLearn. It can help them increase academic knowledge, which is necessary for higher education. Following are the features of free courses at OpenLearn:

  • Enrol Anytime

OpenLearn free courses are free, and students can access them anytime. The courses do not have start and end dates.

  • Flexible

OpenLearn courses are flexible, and you can spend as much time as you want to. You can monitor your progress by signing up and getting a statement of participation.

  • Multiple Courses

Students can choose from various courses that can help them improve their skills and increase academic knowledge.

Does Open learn provide access to tutors?

OpenLearn does not provide access to a tutor. It is because the nature of the courses is flexible and designed to meet the needs of multiple students. But, the good thing about OpenLearn is that it allows students to connect with other students. There is a comments section on the page accessible after signing up on the website. Students can share ideas opinions and ask questions. Student-centric approach of OpenLearn has a great role in increasing academic knowledge.

How can students learn from OpenLearn?

The OpenLearn platform is student-centric, and it focuses on the specific needs and requirements of students. Student-centric online learning platforms are essential in increasing academic knowledge. Students can do the following things to learn from OpenLearn:

  • Choose from various subjects and gain free access to articles, videos and simulation games.
  • Students can access the course materials and resources designed by academic experts.
  • Students can narrow their research by browsing through the top 10 lists of the most popular courses.
  • Students can enrol in any one of the free courses or multiple courses
  • They can choose to start and end the course by their own choice
  • A student must be 13 years old to sign up for the course
  • Students can gain access to resources necessary for studies
  • Students can acquire skills and knowledge necessary in life
  • Students can discover new topics to increase their knowledge. They can also find additional materials for the course they are studying at college or university
  • Students can boost their self-confidence by earning badges and statements of participation


In today’s digital age, students are becoming more aware and shifting towards the concept of self-learning. Educational institutes are facing challenges to transform the redundant concepts of education. The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to find innovative ways to impart education. Students are increasingly demanding value for money from educational institutes. Similarly, employers are also looking for graduates who have transferable skills. Employers prefer those candidates who are active learners.

Most modern students are doing part-time or full-time jobs to cover their expenses. Students have to balance their studies jobs and give time to family and leisure. They require such educational models to cater to their specific needs and provide flexibility. In such a scenario, the concept of Open learning is gaining traction. More and more students are enrolling themselves in distance learning or E-learning. By that token, platforms such as OpenLearn are much-needed initiatives helping students increase academic knowledge.

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