Top 10 Surprising Fitness Facts

Fitness is something that varies from person to person and fitness can be achieved through various means and to various levels and you can decide to be fit as a regular fitness enthusiast or you can even train to be an athlete and it depends totally upon your mindset and your dedication but we all can agree on one thing that staying fit it is always a good thing.  Let us look at a few of the fitness facts which can make you rethink the whole concept of fitness.

  1. Buddy –  we as a human species have evolved through working together and in ancient history, it has always been found that people used to exercise and work together and that is why it has been found through a study conducted by the University of Aberdeen that people who have one or more fitness buddies are likely to get more out of their fitness routines and this can also be true if your fitness routine is online through online fitness training programs and you can carry out your fitness routine during the pandemic with your family members.
  2. Dietary effectiveness – various studies have found that simply going on a diet and taking in as few calories as possible can be more harmful than not doing exercise, this is because with an extreme diet plan your normal body functions also tend to fall out of rhythm and so the best way to lose weight is to combine your fitness routine which may consist of various exercises along with a balanced diet of all the types of important nutrients.
  3. Fat and muscle – contrary to popular belief and myth, fat and muscle are different kinds of tissues. Fat does not convert into muscle and the only way to decrease or burn your fat is to exercise.  Muscles on the other hand get built when you apply proper stress to that muscle group and have the necessary proteins for building your muscles so you must burn your fat and build your muscle. 
  4. Women and men – researchers found that women are more likely to burn fat during exercise and men are more likely to burn fat after completion of the workout and in rest and this is partly because men tend to have more muscle than fat in ratio and that includes lean muscle tissue which can take up more energy while the body is at rest. Therefore the fat burning regimen of men takes place post-workout.   
  5. Warmup is bad – there is this popular belief that stretching as a form of warm-up before your fitness resume prevents injury by loosening up the muscles in your body. However, a recent study by the University of Florida has suggested that this is not particularly true. This is an ongoing study and the reasons and yet to be discovered but the conclusion is crystal clear after countless studies were conducted on trained runners and it was found that stretching made them lose more energy and the runners experienced a decrease in stamina. 
  6. Breaking a sweat – it has been found that exercise is a great way to reduce blood pressure and study suggest that regular exercise in which you lose weight can have a lasting impact and create a staggering temporary impact as your blood pressure decreases to healthy levels for the next 16 hours after a normal routine of exercise and therefore if you continue your exercise daily you are sure to have normal blood pressure.
  7. Constipation and exercise – constipation can be described as a decrease in bowel movements and it has been found that exercise can improve the blood flow in your muscles. Muscles need more oxygenated blood to operate when you are exercising and this will start a chain reaction and even the muscles that are not that active will seek oxygen and this will help your intestines get into a normal rhythm and these can help and have great positive effects to your digestion and reduce stomach aches, heartburn and gas.
  8. Light morning – in a recent study conducted by Brunel University it has been found that heavy workouts during the morning can compromise your immune system and can lead to permanent damage and the same study has found that if heavy workouts are done 2 to 3 hours after eating and during the evening or afternoon, they can have great positive effects for the immune system. Therefore, one must always keep mornings for light exercises like jogging or normal paced cycling.
  9. Cholesterol – good or bad? Why there is the bad cholesterol also known as LDL cholesterol which is responsible for all the best kinds of things like artery blockage and heart attacks, the good kind of cholesterol is the HDL cholesterol and it is that what makes your hormones and drives your body’s metabolism and along with that forms the basic underline function of building your cells. HDL cholesterol can even lower the total cholesterol count in your body and it is one of the main components necessary for the production of testosterone which is in turn linked to muscle-building.
  10. Long-life – a study conducted by the Cooper Clinic in Texas has found that a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise that can include cardio can extend your lifespan by 5 whole years. The reasons are quite simple because exercise helps to keep your heart in good shape and also helps strengthen your immunity which can get weakened with age.   

These were a few of the interesting facts that everyone should know and we hope you found it interesting that fitness can help you and so many ways and if you are the type of person that likes to take matters into their own hands and keep their fitness training in top condition then we at MAE(Martial Art Extreme) have designed online fitness training programs to help you train from the safety of your home and stay fit with your loved ones.  

META DESCRIPTION – The fitness world is a welcoming and hard-working community but like any community, it is riddled with myths and misconceptions. Here is looking at a few facts.  

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