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As the temperature rises throughout the long summer days, there are numerous benefits to having a backyard swimmingsaltwater pool. Swimming laps, floating on a pool float, or stretching out on a poolside lounger while drenched in sunscreen are all terrific ways to enjoy the water, but every now and then, you desire a little more excitement.

Whether you’re trying to keep your kids occupied during summer vacation, holding a pool party and want to keep things lively, or simply want to do something other than aimless swimming, a pool toy or game is the answer.

Because there are so many pool toys and activities to choose from, we have done the research for you and put together a list of our favorites for use in a backyardsaltwater pool. Try one or all of them, and watch your saltwater pool transform into the town’s most popular playground.


The best ball for the pool

What has the appearance of a watermelon, acts like a watermelon, but cannot be eaten like a watermelon? Of course, the Watermelon Ball! This multi-purpose pool toy inflates with water from a garden hose rather than air, allowing you to play a variety of underwater games without having to worry about it bobbing to the surface.

You can dribble it on the pool’s bottom, dive for it, play tag, or keep it up to 10 feet underwater. This ball may be the most used toy in your saltwater pool this summer, and believe us when we say it won’t just be the kids battling over who gets to play first.


The best mermaid tail

The Fin Fun Mermaid Tail allows you to live out your childhood fantasy of being a mermaid.

If you, your kids, your significant other, or anybody else taking a dip in your saltwater pool wants to experience the delights and hardships of life as a half-human/half-fish, the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail is what you need.

This isn’t a flimsy costume; it’s constructed of a robust fabric that falls in between a bathing suit and a thin wetsuit. The tail is available in a variety of vibrant colors and features a “scale” pattern that seems virtually 3-D when wet.

The Fin Fun Mermaid Tail also doesn’t limit you to merely looking gorgeous by the poolside or posing for Instagram selfies. Although it should be underlined that this is not the lifesaving gear, a flotation device for youngsters who don’t know how to swim,  and it’s even easy to swim in if you have some skill.

The best pool volleyball set

Volleyball is enjoyable for both children and adults. It’s even more entertaining when the game takes place in a pool, where all you have to do to cool off is submerge your head. The Intex Pool Volleyball Set comes with an inflatable ball, a floating base with a net, and two anchors to protect your game from drifting over the water.

Whether your volleyball players are fierce competitors or simply like batting the ball back and forth, this game will keep them entertained all summer long. The float and ball are both made of thick vinyl, and the set includes a patch kit in case your service is stronger than the ball.

The best pool toy for adults

Beer pong can be played in a variety of ways, but the basics are that you gather a group of friends, divide into two teams, fill the cups with your favorite beer, and start playing! Each player takes turns tossing his or her ball into the filled cups of the other team. If the ball lands in a cup, the opponent sips the beer and throws it away from the float. When a team loses their last cup, the game is over.

The best pool toy for the family

Most customers of the Swimline Log Flume Joust Set report that balancing on the inflated logs is difficult, and that most players simply roll over into the water. Slugging it out with the inflatable log boppers may be a lot of fun for those who grasp the skill of staying atop the inflatable “logs.”

Much of those who can’t hold their balance say it’s entertaining to attempt, but it’s even more entertaining to watch others struggle to stay upright. Each set includes two inflatable logs and two boppers.

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