NIIST Lauded for Security Printing Technology

A day ago, dedicated scientists of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have recognized to consolidate the security traits in important currency notes and official records. And in this post, we will learn everything about these features. So let’s start!

Who wants to spend so much time drawing or writing the text on paper and then use it? Who wants to kill time by not opting the printing technology and going with handwritten documents? No One! 

Yes, we know your answer. No one wants to go with the time-killing method. We know very well that, time is the main factor to help you achieve your desired goals in today’s fast pacing life. And to make our life more easy and comfortable, Printers has been introduced in our industry. And now we can’t even assume our daily tasks in the office without the help of a printer. 

What Do You Understand About Printing Technology?

A printer is basically a machine that is used to print text, graphs, images and so many other things on paper with just one command. The printer can be operated with a computer, mobile phones, and tablets. The printing process is also very easy as anyone can operate it and print numbers of documents when they need. 

Industries Where Printers Have Been Tightened its Position

It is very tough to find any industry where Printing technology is not used nowadays. From a kindergarten to a coffee shop, from a mobile shop to a big reputed hospital, everywhere printers are used to make the task easy and completed within the time. People prefer to buy a machine at home for printing ideas so that they don’t have to go to the shop frequently. There is a number of printers used in day to day life of people. Also. as per a survey, we find that Cij Inkjet Printer ispopular among all other varieties of ink printers. Here is the list of advantages people take with modern printing technology. In simple words, you can say that here are some points to mention the uses of printers in our life. 

  • The printer is used to print text, images, etc on the paper 
  • It is used to prepare school projects for kids
  • College students use this to print their assignments and important notes
  • It is also used to print books like textbooks, novels, storybooks, and comics for children
  • It is useful for printing office related documents

How National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology is praised for security Printing Technology 

To understand why security printing technology has been praised by NIIST ( National Institute For Interdisciplinary Science And Technology ), you first know about the security printing technology. 

Basically, security printing technology is a little different from normal printing. In this technology, some confidential and secured data is used to print such as cheques, banknotes, passports, identity cards, postage stamps, and stock certificates. 

The main motive of this printing technology is to prevent any kind of fraud, tampering, or duplication in important documents. To secure these high-value documents, modern technology has introduced security printing technology. And excellence skilled having scientist CSIR -National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST) have been rewarded for this amazing modification in the printing technology. Let’s learn about some of the features which were different in this technology and people should praise our skilled scientist for the same Spare Parts Imaje

Fluorescent inks are used to make images in this technology and the best part is that the images got disappear under normal light. These types of images are only visible when seen with the help of UV lights. These features will be found in the official secured documents, cheques, passports, and banknotes. 

For now, this technology is totally unique for India because no one introduced such a noble idea to Indians. And for making this idea works, fluorescent materials will be imported to India from other countries like France and Switzerland. The imported material is very expensive as well as a topic of security for the Indian government. 

This type of secured printing technology should be imported to India as it is the approachable method to get rid of economic terrorism. 

On 26th September 2021, the 80th foundation day of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was celebrated in New Delhi and the team of NIIST was awarded there with the Certificate of Merit under the category of CSIR Technology Awards. It would be a moment of pride for all of us when our superheroes were recognized for such noble tasks. You will get surprised that for the past 15-20 years, scientists of NIIST were involved in the research of that fluorescent material that is used to make printing secured Spare Parts Linx

The Seven-member team of NIIST has concluded that they will always get involved in practices that make our India more productive, Informative, and secure. It is really a topic of honor that our scientist has made everything real which we think or assume at the previous time. In simple words, we can say that scientists can make everything possible which we think in our mind. 

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