Unconventional Ways to Become a Better Writer

Writing is something that differentiates the person was done from the person who hasn’t done and by that I mean writing is simple and difficult to express oneself and sometimes doing that can become very difficult. There is a reason why we don’t see being writers as people of other professions and there are valid reasons why writing is a difficult task but do not worry because it can seem difficult but if you are determined enough and if you have the talent and more so the effort then you can surely how to become big someday. Here in this blog, we will talk about a few and conventional ways to improve yourself as a writer. 

  • Trial and error – while we can all agree on the fact that writing is not something that can be done through brute force and we can describe writing as a form of persistence and meditation combined. Writing sure does not need brute force but it needs constant effort. One way to look at this is if you are failing to write something meaningful or aren’t satisfied with your work, you can take inspiration from Thomas Edison because as the saying goes Edison did not believe that he failed to create the light bulb at his number failed attempts, he believed that and said around that he was discovering new ways of how not to make a light bulb. If you design your mentality and your outlook in lifelike Edison you can also get up from past failures of failing to manifest your emotions into writing and take on new challenges and start writing again.
  • A Task – no matter how bad it may sound, writing is a task and any task needs practice if one hopes to do it with perfection. The same goes for writing. You may be the best dreamer and the best person to imagine new ideas and new things and even think about and plot entire novels in your mind, if you do not start writing the first letter or the first word or the first paragraph your novel will never come out of your mind and into the hands of your readers. That is why no matter how bad it may sound writing is a task and a task in his practice. Therefore you must aim to write at least a few lines every day so that you may not lose touch with your pen or your keyboard. 
  • Embracing – you must be as Bruce Lee says “be like water”. Your approach in writing must be fluid and you must be able to adapt and adapt to circumstances. You must be able to embrace new ideas and work on new ideas that you still do not have a grasp of. Writing is more about reading and learning than writing itself because whenever you are writing you are reading your mind and your ideas and the countless amalgamation of ideas of the heaviest people whom you have been inspired from. Therefore a rider must have the outlook of an adventurer and must be ready to print out into the unknown world of knowledge at a moment’s notice and only then can a writer break down their comfort zone and truly understand concepts and express they are stands on it. 

These were a few of how you can upgrade your writing and by a great I mean to make the writing a more pleasurable process and if you are someone who likes to take matters into their own hands rather than waiting for an opportunity to strike then India’s most trusted online self book publishing house is your best option to transform your career and take the break you always wanted because sometimes when your guy says so you must follow it and we at Orange Publishers can take care of the rest including all the legalities and formalities pre, during and post-publication. 

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